HGK High Efficiency Universal Adjustable Welding Rotator by Leadscrew
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HGK High Efficiency Universal Adjustable Welding Rotator by Leadscrew


The adjustable welding rotator by leadscrew is the refinement version of universal turning roll, in view of:

 Difference of the Product:

   1) Structure: Roller span (Correspond with size of cylindrical workpiece) is controlled by means of turning


   2) Loading weight: of adjusting welding rotator by leadscrew is confined to 60Ton in ordinary product. This

      belongs to medium duty rolling bed. In this respect, we can say there is no heavy duty version with adjustable

      weld rotator by leadscrew.


Brief on HGK-series high efficiency welding rotator by leadscrew:

   1) Way of Roller Distance Adjustment: From the product name we can know, it is made with manually turning


   2) Driving mode: Same as self-adjustable turning roller, the universal turning roller adjusted by leadscrew is also

     composed of one set driving roller bed and one set idle (or follower) roller bed;

   3) Difference with self-adjustable welding rotator: There are certain obvious change with HGK adjustable 

      welding rotator by leadscrew, covering structure and working mode. See below;

   4) Structure:

     - For a set of adjusting turning roll by leadscrew, the leadscrew is installed inside the cavity of equipment bed,

       with a handwheel connected with it and fit at the lateral external side of equipment bed;

     - Another obvious disparity compared with the self-adjustable turning roller is its quantity of rollers: Please 

      check attached picture. There is only roller in one set of roller bed, compared with four rollers in one roller bed

      as in the case of self-adjusting product;

     - This is the reason that, with light duty and medium duty adjusting turning roll by leadscrew, its roller material

       can be either combined PU and metallic rollers, or full metallic rollers;

    5) Roller Distance adjustment:

      - For this series of HGK high efficiency weld rotator by leadscrew, first set a target value of leadscrew 

        movement. For example, 1500mm;

      -  Then turn the handwheel of the leadscrew until it reaches the target value;

      -  Confirm of the stroke is made with tools, such as tape measurement;

      - For small type, or light duty adjustable welding rotator by leadscrew, sometimes we paste indication mark

        and ruler on the equipment bed;

   6) Sorts of Adjustable Weld Rotator by Leadscrew:

     - Same as self-adjusting type, this HGK-series also has basic standard type of stationary version;

     - Besides, there are several variations with these universal turning roll. For example, Motor-drive Leadscrew 

       type/ Manual or Motor-drive Traveling type/ Down Pressure type…, etc. These products we will have 

      presentation in following segments of product descriptions.


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