HGK Down Pressure Type Adjustable Welding Rotator by Leadscrew
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HGK Down Pressure Type Adjustable Welding Rotator by Leadscrew


Just checking its appearance, we can easily find this type of special made turn roller is obvious different from traditional standard product, in the matters of:

    1) There is a set of elevating carriage fit in the standing rack. This whole mechanism is never seen in

       conventional general purpose rolling bed;

    2) Elevation of the carriage is powered with a motor reducer (worm gear) at the top of the standing rack;

    3) Standing rack has the height of around 1.5m~ 1.8m;

    4) There is a small roller fit at front end of the elevating carriage;

    5) We call this specific designed product as “Down pressure type adjustable welding rotator by leadscrew”.


So, what is the reason introducing such kind of custom made roller bed? And what is its technical specialties? Let us review it one by one:

    1. Purpose of Down pressure type custom made rolling bed:

     1) In high speed rotation of small diameter cylindrical parts on multi-functional turn roller, one often happened

        issue is its slippage;

     2) To solve this problem, we apply a pressing force onto the revolving workpiece, by means of a small roller on

      its top;

    3) Hence takes shape idea of this special-design professional turning roller

   2. Specifications of this tailor made turn roller:

    1) Because it is used for welding small diameter workpiece, this equipment has relative small size. In other 

       words, it is a portable roller bed;

    2) The leftward and rightward movement of leadscrew for adjusting center distance has the largest stroke of 

      800mm, catering for workpiece diameter ranging in 80mm ~ 600mm, most often 200mm;

    3) The up and down movement of the pressing roller has around 1200mm stroke, to have more space for 

      workpiece loaded in;

   3. Structure and Features of this portable rolling bed of custom-made:

Please check below picture:


   1) There are limit switches at both ends of elevating stroke (In yellow-color frame);

   2) At its bottom extreme position, the pressing roller (In purple-color frame) can still be adjusted by hand in

      inching mode with the handwheel at its top (In orange-color frame), this gives more ample room for precise

     pressing of smaller workpiece;

   3) Revolve of the driving rollers is powered with gear type reducer --- This is different from worm gear reducer. It

     has higher degree of precision and ability to deliver larger torque, which is suitable to be used in this high 

    quality turn roller;

   4) 6-edge rod is used to make transmission of the 2 driving rollers;

   5) Only the driving roller bed has standing type rack for pressing the rollers;

   6) The 2 driving rollers are made of rubber; The down pressing roller is made of polyurethane;

   4. More Transformation with this custom made roller bed:

    1) It belongs to stationary general purpose rolling bed;

    2) If necessary, we can have more upgrade of the equipment. For example, travelable.


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