HGZ Roller Bed Adjusting High Quality Self Adjustable Welding Rotator
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HGZ Roller Bed Adjusting High Quality Self Adjustable Welding Rotator


To begin this section of self adjusting turning roll, let us compare the roller bed of fixed type and adjusting type as below:

 Fixed roller bed

Fixed Roller Bed

 Adjustable roller bed

Adjustable Roller Bed

This gives us an apparent understanding that:

   1) The fixed roller bed type of Self Adjustable Turn roller has only one grade of roller bed span;

   2) The adjustable roller bed of Self Adjustable Roller bed (equals to turn roller) has 5 optional grades of roller

     bed span.

From this we explore this series of roller bed adjusting form of Professional Turning roll:

    1)  Purpose 

      of designing and producing bed-adjusting type HGZ electric rolling bed;

        i. Every product is developed to meet the demand of customer on certain aspect;

       ii. For this bed-adjusting type HGZ high quality welding rotator, with the 5 grades of optional beds distance,

         the range of applicable diameter of workpiece is increased by 5 times accordingly, thus making the 

         equipment more versatile;

        iii. Some of the workpieces have larger size with relatively light weight, and with this kind of beds-adjustable

          product, it can be welded on this high efficiency roller bed without the need to change to a heavier tonnage


     2) Way of making adjustment 

        on its beds span for a set of electric roller bed:

        i.  From the picture we can see, that this kind of beds-adjustable high quality weld rotator is similar to the

           height adjustable Single Table Top welding positioner in the previous product family of Welding Positioner;

       ii.  To switch to another grade of beds span, just unloose the fitting bolts, and hoist the roller beds, then 

          secure it with the bolts tightened into the holes of target grade;

      iii.  No torque is stipulated for tightening the bolts.

      3) Technical parameters

        of beds-adjusting type HGZ product

        i.  The only difference with this type of self adjusting turning roll is its adjustable roller beds span. All the other

          specifications are the same with conventional type. For details please check the former section of product 

          introduction “HGZ Standard Fixed Roller Bed Professional Self Adjustable Welding Rotator”;

       ii.  One complement is an important parameter in all species of electric roller bed:

         - Imagine a workpiece is put on the roller beds for operation;

         - And imagine 2 straight lines, starting from gravity center of the workpiece;

         - One line ends at gravity center of the left roller bed;

         - The other line ends at gravity center of the right roller bed;

         - The included angle thus formed is a critical factor for high efficiency rolling bed of all models, we call it 

          “Roller beds span included angle”. It should be within the range of 50°~ 100°, the ideal is 90°;

         -  This series of beds-adjustable type of high quality welding rotator can help managing this angle in an

           effective way



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