Pipe Elbow Welding Machine with Automatic Circumferential SAW Welding
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Pipe Elbow Welding Machine with Automatic Circumferential SAW Welding


In deployment of series of pipe assembly and welding machine, following bevel and assembly, is the third step of automatic circumferential seam welding, for both pipe elbow and pipe flange, implemented with different kinds of pipe welding machine. In this section we go to Pipe Elbow Welding machine first.


1.     Machine Application:

1)      The pipe elbow circumferential welding machine is for performing closing step in pipe production --- pipe elbow welding;

2)      The welding mode in this pipe elbow welding equipment is circumferential submerged arc welding, in the position of vertical downward.


2.     Structure and Working Way:

1)      The machine has similar structure and working principle as the “Custom made Circumferential Welding equipment for Pipe and Flange” in the section of “Welding Fixtures and Special Welding Machine”: A set of roller bed plays the role of workpiece supporting rack, as well as welding rotator in the process of circumferential seam welding;

2)      The roller bed is in work table style --- It has the same height as operator, so as to make convenient and comfortable observation by operator during circumferential submerged arc welding process;

3)      A set of submerged arc welding unit, including power supply, control console, welding torch, and flux hopper are put alongside the table type workpiece turning roll, with the welding torch at the position just above the welding seam to be welded;

4)      This pipe welding equipment works in the mode of welding torch stationary, while workpiece rotates in welding velocity on its supporting roller bed.


3.     Operating Steps:

1)      Load the workpiece --- The assembled and tack welded pipe elbow onto table type turning roll, and make adjustment on its location, making welding seam right beneath the welding torch;

2)      Have precise modulation on position of the welding torch by means of its cross slide, making it aiming at welding seam in precision;

3)      Start on roller bed of workpiece, adjusting its linear revolving speed on operating panel, which is the velocity of circumferential submerged arc welding in this pipe elbow welding machine;

4)      Start on submerged arc welding power supply, and adjust its welding current on SAW control console, and initiate the SAW circumferential seam welding process;

5)      At the time finishing the job of this pipe elbow circumferential welding machine, we go to the final stop in series of pipe assembly and welding equipment --- The pipe welding machine for pipe and flange.


4.     Technical Parameters:

For this automatic Pipe Elbow Welding machine in Circumferential Submerged Arc Welding:

Pipe   Max. Diameter

600   mm (Tailor-made available)

Pipe   Max. Length

10   m (Tailor-made available)

Pipe   Thickness Range

10   ~ 20 mm

Pipe   Elbow Welding mode

Automatic   Submerged Arc Welding

Pipe   Elbow SAW Welding Max. Current

1000   A

Pipe   Elbow SAW Welding Linear Speed

240   ~ 2000 mm/min.


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