XD15 Overhanging Beam Consumable Nozzle Electroslag Welding Machine
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XD15 Overhanging Beam Consumable Nozzle Electroslag Welding Machine


The XD15 Consumable Nozzle Electroslag Welding machine, has the same function and working principle as XD12. The only difference is its larger size of workpiece to be welded.


In the last section of XD12, we have discussed product usage/ Comparison between nozzle consumable and wire electrode/ Working manner of Electroslag Welding machine. In this section we will go on to have introduction on its structure and performance.


    1. Structure and Performance:

    1) The XD-series Electroslag Welder serves as mechanical supporting mechanism of electroslag welding power

      supply. It has machine body of cantilever structure, or also called as overhanging structure;

   2) This Consumable Electroslag Welding machine is mainly composed of trolley, column, overhanging beam. Of

     which column and beam form the basic skeleton of the machine, for the purpose of holding and securing the

     electroslag welding power supply, making welding tip aiming at welding seam all along;

   3) The traveling trolley plays the role of “legs and feet” of Nozzle Electroslag Welding machine, which leads the

    entire machine and welding system moving along rail in welding speed during operation, or in high speed 

    during idle period. The move is driven with A.C. motor reducer and controlled with A.C. inverter;

   4) The electroslag welding power supply is the main outsourced part, as well as “brain and hand” of the 

    Electroslag Welding equipment. As to its brand and model, there are multiple options available in the market, 

    both from Chinese supplier or overseas;

   5) As can be observed from attached picture, electroslag welding power supply and its console, together with 

    control board of this Electroslag Weld machine are all put onto trolley. Such arrangement has two merits: One is

     convenient operation; The other is simple and concise cable routing;

   2. Range of Supply:

   The whole set of units delivered to customer for XD-series Consumable Nozzle Electroslag Welding equipment 

   are listed as:

   1) Mechanical system: Including trolley, column, overhanging beam, welding torch carriage, welding torch 

      vertical moving unit, welding inching adjustment unit;

   2) Power system: A.C. motor, reducer and transmission;

   3) Welding system: Electroslag welding power supply, wire feeder, control console;

   4) Electric control system: Control board and operating panel, A.C. inverter, control elements, cables;

   3. Technical Documents:

    There are also complete set of materials to be handed over to customers together with this Consumable

    Electroslag Welding equipment:

   1) Operating manual of XD-series Consumable Electroslag Weld machine;

   2) Operating manual of Electroslag welding power supply;

   3) Foundation drawing and electric diagram;

   4) Consumable list and drawing;

   5) Quality certificate and Packing list

  4. Technical Parameters:

Workpiece Size


Workpiece Length


Trolley Rail Span

1000 mm

Trolley Travel Speed

6 m/ min.

Trolley Travel Motor Power

0.75 kW



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