LHE12 Gantry Type BOX Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine
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LHE12 Gantry Type BOX Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine


Now we come to the final step of welding, also the final critical step in the process of BOX Beam production: Submerged Arc welding. The corresponding equipment is BOX Beam Submerged Arc Welding machine, short for BOX Beam SAW machine.


    1. Choice of BOX Beam Welding machine:

    1) Based on machine structure, there are two types of BOX Beam Welder to choose from: Gantry type and

      Cantilever type. In this section we discuss gantry type, and in the next section we will discuss cantilever type;

   2) Both types of the BOX Beam Welding equipment share the same SAW technique and operating process; And

     both types of the BOX Beam SAW equipment equipped with two sets of SAW units in one machine;

   3) As to the difference, which can be observed from attached picture, the gantry type BOX Beam Weld machine

    “looks more stable” in running compared with cantilever type thanks to its structure; While the cantilever type

     has the half open structure, which is easy for BOX Beam turning and transferring;

   4) This is the reason that, the cantilever type BOX Beam Welding machine is more often applied in automatic line,

     while the gantry type is more often worked in semi- automatic line, or worked as an individual machine. This

     can also be identified in attached picture of the two types of products;

    5) For SAW process of BOX Beam production line, either gantry type BOX Beam Welding equipment, or 

      cantilever type need to be installed with two sets.

   2. Technical Features:

    1) In BOX Beam Submerged Arc Welding equipment, it is adopted with technique of tandem arc, or in some

        cases triple arc. So, it belongs to large current SAW;

    2) The welding arm, which is fit with SAW head, can move both horizontally and vertically, making the SAW head

     directing at welding seam during work, and accommodating various sizes of workpiece welded in this BOX 

    Beam Welding machine. The welding arm movement is powered with A.C. motor, and transmitted with gear and

     rack (Please check attached picture), guaranteeing positioning accuracy of the welding torch;

    3) There is pneumatic drive mechanical arc tracing unit installed on the welding arm, fulfilling the duty of seam 

     tracking. Automatic flux recovery and recycling unit serves as welding supporting unit of the BOX Beam Welder;

    4) With the gantry moving along the rail in welding speed, automatic SAW is carried out in the BOX Beam 

     Submerged Arc Weld machine. The gantry moving is double drive, which means, both sides of the gantry have 

    A.C. motors for driving. The traveling speed is controlled with A.C. inverter;


   3. Put into Use:

   At customer site, the complete set of LHE12 gantry frame BOX Beam Submerged Arc Weld equipment is  

   arranged as below:

   1) The gantry body travels on rails. The rails are leveled and tightened into workshop floor; Workpiece rack is put

     beneath the gantry and secured into workshop also;

   2) Welding system of this BOX Beam Welding machine, including power supply, flux recovery unit, wire feeder, 

     are put on the overhead platform on the top of the gantry;

   3) There are operating stations at both sides of the gantry (Please check attached picture). During work, operator

     can stand on this station which is surrounded with guardrail;

    4) Operating panel of the BOX Beam Welder together with control consoles of SAW power supply are installed 

      in the same location on the columns of the gantry, close at hand for operator’s job.

   4. Parameters:

Workpiece Size


Workpiece Length


Gantry Rail Length

18,000 mm

Gantry Rail Span

1400 mm

Gantry Travel Stroke

15,500 mm

Gantry Idle Speed

2400 mm/ min.

Gantry Welding Speed

150 ~ 1500 mm/min.

Gas Pressure

0.4 ~ 0.8 MPa

Flux Recovery unit Power

2 x 3 kW

BOX Beam Welding machine Power

3         kW


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