Single Table Top Manual Vertical Elevating Welding Positioner
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Single Table Top Manual Vertical Elevating Welding Positioner


This type of elevating welding positioner is derived from the preceding sections of Single Table Top.


As can be seen from the previous segments of product profile, the typical single working table products have 2 axes of revolving and tilting. Now, with adjustable height of work table, additional Z-axis along vertical direction can be manipulated. So, these products can be described as single table top elevating welding positioner, which denotes this specie of product more comprehensively.


Description of this elevating type welding positioner:

   1)  From attached picture we can see adjustment is made by hand. There are arrays of holes (Often 4~5 holes)

       on each of the 2 columns of machine frame. By changing the 2 fitting holes of the bolts, height of worktable

       can be altered accordingly;

   2) For making adjustments of the table top along Z-axis,

     - First loosen the fitting bolts;

     - Hoist the work table away from its machine bed;

     - Lower down the work table and assemble it into the different fitting holes;

     - In this way, worktable height is changed to another grade;

     - From this, we can see it is a manual elevating welding positioner, to be more specifically;

   3) Applicationof such kind of elevating weld positioner: Sometimes the space along vertical direction is not 

      sufficient to manipulate revolve and or tilt of workpiece, as in the case of large size workpiece with relative light

      weight. Under such conditions, to have an adjustable work table in height is very useful;

   4) Tonnage of such kind of single work table elevating welding positioneris restricted to 3Ton and less. For 

      heavier workpiece and big size, which involves control of work table in Z-axis, other structure of elevating type

     weld positioner will be applied, which will be introduced in the subsequent product segments.


This is the reason we will not give parameters of this series of manual elevating weld positioner. For reference, please check the preceding sections, they share the same parameters.


Synonym of this group of products: Single Table Top Elevating Weld Positioner, or Single Work Table Elevating Weld Positioner.


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