Single Work Table Electric Special Made Welding Positioner with Chuck
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Single Work Table Electric Special Made Welding Positioner with Chuck


In pragmatic use there is sometimes requirement on specially made welding positioner, on the basis of conventional or standard single table type.

Such tailored welding positioner can be distilled as:

   1) It is designed and produced arising from specific customer need;

   2) This custom made welding positioner is one design for one customer;

   3) It has the same basic structure and working principle as general single table type;

   4) What’s unique with such special made welding positioner is usually with fixtures/ peripheral units.


Let us explore what solution we made with a customer from precision electrical appliance apparatus:

    1) Fixture: Workpiece welded with this purpose made welding positioner has long length and round shape cross

      section. So, two sets of V-section brackets on the surface of work table are used for supporting and securing

      workpiece, together with fiber ribbon. (see attached picture);

    2) Worktable: Also, to cater for the long cylindrical parts used in this special made weld positioner, worktable is

      not traditional round shape. It is rectangular of 2000×3000mm instead;

    3) Foundation: As introduced in the segment of single table top welding positioner, such kind of product 

     usually do not need foundation. Just fixed it in the floor with anchor bolts. However, in this specific case of 

     tailor made welding positioner, due to the long length of workpiece, the corresponding revolving diameter of 

     worktable is also large. When the workpiece is turned to 90°, there will be interference with the ground. For this

      reason, a pit of certain size and depth was dig at working site (see attached picture);

    4) Control Logic: For the same reason, when designed control system of this specially made weld positioner, 

       the action sequence should be like this: Only when the worktable is parallel with ground can the worktable 

      being tiled; Only when the worktable tiled to 90° can it being revolved. In this manner, the workpiece of long

      length will not have conflict with surrounding objects;

    5) Machine Bed: To guarantee solid support on the special workpiece for this custom made weld positioner, the

      equipment body is designed as double bed style of left and right side. The beds are structure members welded

      into shape with profiles&  sections and went thru annealing process for maintaining its strength. These two 

      beds are connected into an integral body by means of two pieces of box beam. Such design made sure stability

      and durability of this tailor made weld positioner;

    6) Clearance of Revolving Motor Reducer: In technical proposal we proposed helical gear reducer of 17 arc 

       minute for this purpose made weld positioner.


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