CNC And Servo Drive Precise Welding Turning Table
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CNC And Servo Drive Precise Welding Turning Table


The servo drive precise welding turning table discussed in this section is the sophisticated version of welding turning table. For the reason of turning workpiece for ideal welding, it can be viewed as a precise welding positioner of plain type.


This servo drive precise welding turntable shares the same Usage/ Structure/ Degree of freedom as the previous one of universal weld turntable, which we will not repeat again. Here in this segment let us explore the most salient difference, or distinction with this servo welding turntable:


   1. Transmission and Precision of the Servo Drive Welding Turning Table:

    1) Applied at: Such precise welding turntable is generally used at robot welding, or precision welding station of

       Aerospace/ Military industry units;

    2) How to Attain: By means of precision Machining& Assembly process, as well as outsourced control/drive

      units of high precision: Servo motor/ Precision Slewing support (or called round gear)/ Precision Planetary Gear


    3) Support unit: As the item 2 mentioned, for this precise welding turning table, ordinary slewing support (or 

      called round gear) can not meet the demand of high precision. It should be precise type. For example, for the

      2m diameter servo weld turning table, precise slewing support of QW1000.25 has big gear of m=6, g2=193,

      which can have loading capacity up to 30Ton, together with very good stress condition;

     4) Transmission: The planetary gear reducer adopted in this servo welding turning table has back clearance of

       16 arc minute. Fit with the pinion of m=6/z1=16, the final clearance after reduction by gear equals to [16 Arc

       Minute/(193/16)]= 0.33 Arc Minute. It is nearly imperceptible to have feeling on such small clearance. And 

       converted to circumference of 2m Dia. work table, the arc length of external circle is (2000*3.14)/

    (360*60*1.8)=0.16mm. This attains the target of clearance elimination with the drive & transmission of this 

       servo drive precise welding turning table.


    2.  Control System of Servo Drive Welding Turntable:

     1) The equipment can be equipped with detecting elements, such as proximity switch, making the workpiece 

         stopped automatically at 90° or 180°;

     2) This servo drive welding turning table can be either have individual control system/ control board/ operating

       pendant, or just leave an open RS232 interface for future connection with controllers such as PLC / industrial



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