High Safety Table Lifting Style Industrial Chain Type Flipping Equipment
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High Safety Table Lifting Style Industrial Chain Type Flipping Equipment


The Table Lifting style Chain type Flipping Equipment is used for flipping and raising workpiece for operation by means of chain and oil cylinder.


1.     Product Purpose:

1)      In the production of steel structure members, it is necessary to flip the workpiece to make operation on several sides of workpiece, usually welding;

2)      The table lifting style chain manipulator meet this demand:

A.      First, this chain flipping equipment overturns the workpiece 90°, 180°, or any other required target angle;

B.       Then, this chain flipping machine raises the workpiece to the level of operator comfortable operation for best ergonomics condition;

C.      Different from the previous product of Annular Chain type Flipping machine, which flips and raises the workpiece driven with 4 sets of chain hoists, this chain type overturning equipment flips and raises workpiece driven with oil cylinders. So, this chain overturning equipment is a kind of hydraulic product;

D.      Another uniqueness of this chain turnover machine is its worktables at both sides: That there are two cross beams fitted between the two pairs of columns at both sides, serving as holding units of work table: After workpiece is overturned by means of chains, it is dropped and sit on the worktable (Cross beams), and with the rising up of the work table, to be lifted to the height of suitable level for operator job.

3)      This chain flipping equipment can be used in steel structure process flow. For example, H Beam, BOX Beam production line.


2.     Main Units and Operation:

1)      As can be observed from attached picture, this chain type overturning machine also has frame type constructure: four pieces of columns build up main body of this chain manipulator;

2)      Different from the previous product, this chain overturning machine has half open structure: No physical connection between the two pairs of columns, just the workpiece. So, during its installation, the distance between the two groups of columns can be made based on workpiece lengths at customer site;

3)      To guarantee stable performance of worktable (Cross beam), the two columns of each pair are joint with a bottom beam on the ground;

4)      There are totally 8 sets of oil cylinder equipped with one set of this chain type flipping equipment:

a)       4 sets at the top of the 4 columns are for flipping the workpiece by way of driving chains into action;

b)      Another 4 sets of oil cylinders at the bottom of the 4 columns are for driving the both sides worktable up and down;

5)      The entire frame of the chain flipping equipment is fixed and secured onto workshop floor by means of jacks --- This gives the machine good adaptability for orientation and varied sizes of workpiece;

6)      Operation of this chain flipping machine is in remote and automatic mode, which is easy to operate.


3.     Technical Parameters:

For this Table Lifting style Industrial Chain type Flipping Equipment:

Max.   Loading Capacity

5   Ton

Hydraulic   System Pressure

12   MPa

Cross   Section Size of Workpiece

150   x 150mm ~1000 x 1000mm

Workpiece   Flipping Time Spent

Within   1 min.


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