XQ12 Cantilever Type Gas Shielded CO2 Back Welding Machine
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XQ12 Cantilever Type Gas Shielded CO2 Back Welding Machine


From this section we go into welding procedure of BOX Beam production following its assembly and tack weld. The first type of welding is gas shielded CO2 back welding with this XQ12 Back Welding machine.


   1. Application of the machine:

   1) This XQ2 Backing Welding machine is for fulfilling gas shielded CO2 back welding on the assembled BOX

    Beam. As can be seen from the attached picture, it is cantilever type Backing Welder, or called overhanging type,

    or column boom type, depending on specific nomination habit of different places;

   2) During work, the assembled and tack welded BOX Beam is sent to this Back Welder. The welding arm fit with 

    welding torch can move both horizontally and vertically by way of its carriage and trolley, making the CO2 

    welding head aiming at welding seam all the while;

   3) There is pneumatic drive elastic mechanical welding torch tracing unit equipped on the welding arm, making

     its automatic arc tracing during operation of this CO2 Backing Welder all along;

   4) With the traveling of trolley along its rail, automatic back welding is performed in the style of flat weld in this

      CO2 Back Welding machine;

   5) So, the traveling speed of the CO2 Back Welder trolley is also velocity of backing welding. It is adjustable and

      controlled with A.C. inverter;

   2. Main units of the machine:

   1) The XQ12 Gas Shielded CO2 Back Welding machine is mainly composed of trolley, column, overhanging beam,

    welding arm, mechanical tracing unit, CO2 Back Welding power supply, and electric control system;

   2) Among these, the column/ overhanging beam/ welding arm and its mechanical tracing unit/ welding wire 

    barrel and cooling water tank are all deployed on the trolley. The trolley is driven with motor reducer and 

    controlled with A.C. inverter, meeting the demand on welding speed of this CO2 Backing Welding machine;

   3) There are 2 sets of welding arm and its carriage, which are installed on the overhanging beam. Wire feeders 

    are installed at the upper section of welding arms, and mechanical tracing units are fit at the lower section of 

    welding arms. By means of elastic carriage and guiding wheels, these tracing units make welding tips directed 

    at welding seam all the times, and kept at certain distance away from welding seam at the same time, 

    guaranteeing welding quality of this the Gas Shielded CO2 Backing Welder;

    4) Electric control system of the machine includes a control board and its operating panel. The control board 

     is installed on the column. The A.C. inverter is fit inside the control board;

    5) Please check attached picture. Operating panel of this CO2 Backing Welding machine and console of CO2 

     Back Welding power supply are put together and installed on the column close at hand with operator for the 

     purpose of convenient operation;

    6) CO2 Back Welding power supply is the main and central outsourced unit of this CO2 Backing Welder. It 

     consists of power supply itself, wire feeder, cooling water tank, welding torch and console. Control of the 

     Welding power supply and trolley traveling is integrated by means of control system of the Back Welding 


   3. Main Parameters:

    Of this XQ12 Cantilever type Gas Shielded CO2 Backing Welding machine: 

Workpiece Size


Workpiece Length


CO2 Backing Welding Speed

0.24 ~ 2.4 m/min.

Quick Idle Speed

3 m/ min.


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