HLK Hydraulic Jack-up Anti-Drifting Adjustable Welding Rotator by Bolt
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HLK Hydraulic Jack-up Anti-Drifting Adjustable Welding Rotator by Bolt


The HLK hydraulic Jack-up welding rotator discussed in this section, is sophisticated version of product adjusting turning roller by bolt, added with anti-drifting capability.


   1.  Background of Anti-Drifting Welding Rotator

    1) Axial drifting is a phenomenon not very rare happened in running of welding rotator, especially on those

       workpieces with several passes of welding seam;

    2) This issue brings along problem of inferior welding quality and lower productivity, which should be taken

       measures to be avoided;

    3) Besides using welding-seam tracing unit, another solution is to have anti-drifting function on welding


    4) Hence comes along development of anti-drift turning roll (same name of anti-drifting welding rotator);

   2.  Principle of Anti-Drifting Weld Rotator

    1) From perspective of driving power, anti-drift turning roller belongs to the type of hydraulic Jack-up turning

        roller. Which, its rectifying unit is hydraulic driven;

    2) A movable detecting unit of split-type is equipped with this hydraulic Jack-up turning roll;

    3) A piece of displacement sensor is fit on the movable split-type detecting unit;

    4) During working, or rotation of workpiece, the detecting unit is put at the place so as to making the 

       displacement sensor having direct contact with terminal surface of workpiece;

    5) A range of allowable deviation, or drifting, is set ahead of time, before starting of the hydraulic Jack-up weld

       rotator. For example, ±3mm;

    6) The displacement sensor detects real-time deviation of workpiece all along;

    7) Whenever displacement of the workpiece exceeds allowable limit, hydraulic oil cylinder acts: It uplifts terminal

       of the workpiece, to make the rotation back to within the preset eligible tolerance;

   3. Scope of Anti-Drifting Welding Rotator

     - Adjusting turning roller by bolt of 60Ton ~ 600Ton is applicable to be made into anti- drifting type;

   4. Classification of Hydraulic Jack-up Roller bed with Anti-drifting Function:

     - Besides loading weight as above mentioned, this type of product can also be divided into Stationary and 

      Travelable. The latter one we will have introduction in next section.


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