HLK High Quality Professional Adjustable Welding Rotator by Bolt
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HLK High Quality Professional Adjustable Welding Rotator by Bolt


The HLK adjustable welding rotator by bolt, covers the widest range of tonnage and practical use in welding rotators. 

A brief comparison among the three broad product group of:

   1) Self-Adjustable

      - Strong point: Easy operation, just put the workpiece onto roller bed;

      - Weak Point: Relative narrow scope of workpiece weight, 5Ton ~ 250Ton;

    2) Adjustable by leadscrew:

     -  Strong point: Quick and convenient operation; Continuous (stepless) adjusting center distance of rollers;

     -  Weak Point: Confined to small loading weight, up to 60Ton;

    3) Adjustable by bolt:

     - Strong point: Extensive range of workpiece capacity, standard product up to 1000Ton, and special-made up

       to 2000Ton;

     - Weak Point: Relative slow adjustment process; Center distance in grades, not stepless;

So, each type of welding rotator has its upside and downside. For workpiece heavier than 250Ton, which are often seen at Oil Tank/ Pipeline/ Offshore Tower, etc. only adjusting welding rotator by bolt can take on the job.


    1. Partition of Adjustable Weld Rotator by Bolt:

     1) Same as self-adjusting and adjusting by leadscrew, adjusting roller bed by bolt also can be divided into 

         standard type (conventional, typical, basic) and special made(Tailor made, custom made);

     2) The standard type adjusting turning roll by bolt represents fundamental design of its kind, and has the 

       broadest use. It is a kind of stationary turn roller;

     3) The special made covers travelable, anti-drifting, and other customer designated function added;

     4) Of these special made, the anti-drifting turning roll is one of the most important products, which we will have

        discussion specifically in later on section. It is a kind of high quality roller bed;

    2.  Working Principle of Adjustable Welding Rotator by Bolt

     1) With the help of frictional force between workpiece and leading rollers, the equipment put into rotation of

        the cylindrical workpiece, fulfilling circumferential welding on the external surface of the workpiece;

     2) Welding speed is controlled by means of adjusting revolving speed of driving roller, which in turn is 

        controlled with inverter, or at early stage, electro-magnetic controller, with an operating contrivance such as

        turning knob, and shown in digital display. This makes operation of operators less laborious and more 

        convenient and intuitive;

     3) Circle center of rollers of adjusting welding rotator by bolt should always be kept in the same horizontal line,

        which avoid the workpiece from deform and slippage;

     4) By means of manipulating center distance of rollers, as in the case of adjusting roller bed by bolt is to 

       change mounting grade of bolts, workpiece of various sizes can be operated in the equipment;

     5) It is in essence a multi-functional roller bed, which can not only be used in welding, but also assembly, 

      painting, blasting, inspection, etc.;

     6) For more details of this multi-functional rolling bed adjusted with bolt, please check the following product



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