J-series Stiffener Plate Element Straightening Machine for Port Machinery
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J-series Stiffener Plate Element Straightening Machine for Port Machinery


In this section of J-Series Ribbed Plate Element Straightening machine, we will give general outline on this equipment on the aspect of its Origin/ Usage/ Nomination/ Working principle.


   1. Origin and Usage of J-Series Stiffener Plate Element Straightening machine:

    I.  First, let’s review 2 definitions:

   1) Large Section Beam or Large Section Box Beam:

      In manufacturing Port Machinery or Hoisting Machinery, it is usually necessary to use such raw material: Width

      of cross section is 1~1.5m; Length of cross section is 1.5~3m; Length is 20~30m. To make it strong enough,

      these large section beams are made of Ribbed Plate Element, or Stiffener Plate Element;

    2) Ribbed Plate Element or Stiffener Plate Element:

     Please see attached picture. A steel plate welded with one ~ three or more stiffeners or ribs, to make it into a

     welded plate element of sufficient rigidity, for the next step of producing large section beam or large section

     box beam.


     II. The above two definitions give Usage of J-series Stiffener Plate element Straightening machine:

       That after welding the stiffeners/ ribs onto the plate, these ribbed plate elements or stiffener plate elements 

       usually exhibit deformation, which should be straightened for next step process. Henceforth, the J-series 

      Ribbed plate element straightening machine is for straightening welded and deformed Ribbed plate 

      element /Stiffener plate element.

    III. Nomination of the J-series Stiffener Plate Element Straighten machine:

       Its workpiece of Rib Plate and Stiffener Plate is equivalent and can be exchanged. Besides, for its finished 

       product and application industries, there are several names with this machine. Enumeration as below:

      1) Stiffener Plate Element Straightening machine for Port Machinery;

      2) Rib plate element straightening machine for Port Machinery;

      3) Stiffener Plate Element Straightening machine for Large Section Beam;

      4) Ribbed plate element straightening machine for Large Section Beam…


   2. Working Principle of J-series Rib Plate Element Straightening machine:

     Please check attached picture.

    1) The machine adopts working way of workpiece passing thru its main body, and got straightened at the 

       same time;

    2) Each of the straightening unit is the combination of two pieces of top straightening rollers and one piece 

       of bottom straightening roller;

    3) During working, workpiece travels thru the clearance between the top and bottom rollers, and straightened

     at the same time;

    4) There are three straightening units equipped with one set of Stiffener Plate Straightening machine. So, 

       up to three pieces of stiffener plate / rib plate can be straightened simultaneously.


    3. Parameters of J-series Ribbed Plate Element Straightening machine:






Workpiece Width

1000 ~ 3000mm

Straightening Thickness

8~ 20mm

8~ 28mm

Quantity of Straightening   unit

Three sets

Top Straightening Roller   Transverse Stroke


Min. Span of Top Straightening   Roller


Range of Interval of   Stiffeners


Hydraulic System Rated   Pressure

25 MPa

Max. Pressure of Solitary   Straightening unit

30 Ton

Straightening Speed


Vertical Stroke of   Supporting Rollers


Straightening Roller   Motor Power

15.0 kW

Hydraulic Station Power

5.5 kW

Electricity Power   Specification

3P AC380V 50Hz (for   Chinese market)



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