Shipbuilding Purpose TB Series Welding T Beam Production Line
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Shipbuilding Purpose TB Series Welding T Beam Production Line


1.       The Position of Shipbuilding Purpose T Beam Production Line:

1)      Shipbuilding facilities is the most important and representative application sites of T Beam Production Line. The technical features of output welding T Beam are properties what distinguish T Beam from other steel structure members: BOX Beam from BOX Beam Production Line, and H Beam from H Beam Production Line;

2)      The unique characteristics of welding T Beam produced from Shipbuilding use T Beam Production Line lie in painting adhesion property, impact value of welding seam, and overall dimensions of finished T Beam.


2.       Exclusive Characteristics of Shipbuilding Purpose T Beam Production Equipment:

There are certain unique features with manufacturing process of T Beam Production Equipment for Shipbuilding, which are mainly embodied in below four aspects:

1)      Edge Trimming and Rounding Step before the Station of T Beam Assembly Machine:

This is because in Shipbuilding facilities, painting adhesion is a very important factor taken for parts and assemblies, for the purpose of maintaining long term qualified painting quality;

2)      Continuous GMAW CO2 welding in T Beam Welding Machine:

a)       In TB series T Beam Production line, to get higher welding seam impact value of finished welding T Beam, 500A medium current continuous GMAW CO2 welding takes the place of 1000A large current SAW (Submerged Arc Welding);

b)      One set of LBA10 T Beam Welding Machine usually has several (up to 5~6) pieces of welding torch and traveling carriages, simultaneously producing 5~ 6 pieces of formed T Beam, compared with 1~2 pieces in single set of H Beam Welding Machine, or 4 pieces in H Beam Production Line;

3)      Environment Protection Mechanisms in T Beam Production Line:

Due to the heavy welding fumes and arc light generated in the process of T Beam CO2 welding, EHS (Environment Health Safety) is the foremost factor to be considered at the working site of T Beam Production Equipment;

4)      The above-listed technical features apply to integrated function T Beam Fabrication Machine.

3.       Process Technology and Corresponding T Beam Production Equipment of T Beam Production Line

1)      Plate Cut in T Beam Production Line:

CNC Strip Plate Cutting Machine--- This is a kind of universal 1st operation machine, not confined to T Beam Production Line;

2)      End plate Deburring and Rounding for T Beam Assembly Machine:

This is realized with RH1000 Edge Rounding Machine, as shown in the 2nd photo;

3)      T Beam Assembly and Tack Welding: The 3rd photo, Z10 Automatic T Beam Assembly Machine with CO2 tack welding;

4)      Continuous T Beam CO2 Welding: The 3rd and 4th photo, LBA10 Automatic T Beam Welding Machine;

5)      Stiffener Straightening (Optional): T Beam Straightening machine (Optional);

6)      The 6th Photo: Individual working ZHJ8010 T Beam Fabrication Machine.

4.       Specifications of Finished Welding T Beam Produced from TB Series Welding T Beam Production Line:


T Beam Specification

T Beam Stiffener (Vertical Plate) Width

300∽1000    mm

T Beam Stiffener (Vertical Plate) Thickness

8∽20    mm

T Beam End Plate (Horizontal Plate) Width

100∽500 mm

T Beam End Plate (Horizontal Plate) Thickness

10∽40 mm

T Beam Length

4000∽12000 mm

T Beam End Plate Rounding Radius

R2.5 mm


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