J28 Stiffener Plate Element Straightening Machine for Large Section Beam
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J28 Stiffener Plate Element Straightening Machine for Large Section Beam


The attached pictures show a set of J28 Ribbed plate element straightening machine for Large Section Beam we produced, installed and put into use for a customer of renowned Chinese Port Machinery producer--- ZPMC.


J28 Stiffener plate element straightening machine is the large model of its standard product group, for producing large section beams used in heavy duty port machinery and or hoisting machinery.


In the previous section of J20 Rib plate element straightening machine, we introduced structure and main components of the equipment. In this product section, we will go on to have detailed discussion on hydraulic system, which is the key unit of this heavy machinery.


   1. Hydraulic System of J-Series (Including J28) Stiffener plate straightening machine for Large Section


     I. Purpose

        Due to the large tonnage force required, straightening process is driven with oil cylinders. Hence,

        hydraulic system is of vital importance for normal and high standard working of the machine;

    II. Specialty

       It mainly includes oil cylinders and oil pump station. Oil cylinders are of large-scale ones with high

       pressure, featuring in heavy force/ tight sealing/ No leakage even after long time use. There is bi-directional

       interlock unit in its pipeline, ensuring sufficient pushing force with self-lock performance;

    III. Strong Points:

    1) Multiple cylinders of this Stiffener Plate Straightening machine work in linkage;

    2) Synchronous capability of oil pipeline is reliable;

    3) Oil pipeline is arranged in floor, making plain/ reasonable layout of good appearance;

    4) Critical components such as main valve are all purchased from famous and long standing suppliers, 

      guaranteeing dependable performance, keeping minimum maintenance time of this Ribbed plate 

      straightening machine;

     IV. Precision and Safety:

     1) Secure and precise running of hydraulic system is essential for persistent and high quality delivery of 

       the machine;

     2) Hydraulic pump station and its control pipeline are of independent type; Its control valves are installed 

       in split type based on its working position; The system has overloading protection function;

    3) Both the infeed and outfeed pipeline of hydraulic pump station have filtering unit, with filtering precision 

       up to 20μm;

    4) There are level detecting unit inside both top and bottom extreme positions of oil tank;

    5) Besides, the oil tank has Oil temperature checking unit/ Oil heating unit/ Oil cooling unit, as well as 

       overload protection function;

    6) Hydraulic system of this Stiffener Plate Straightening machine is equipped with manual oil unloading valve. 

      It can make the overall oil pipeline returned to normal condition in case contingency happens.


Based on introduction on Structure/Main components/ Working principle/ Hydraulic system of the Rib Plate element Straightening machine in the previous and this product sections, we will discuss its operation in the next product section.


   2. Parameters of J28 Stiffener Plate Element Straightening machine for Large Section Beam:





Workpiece Width

1000 ~ 3000mm

Straightening Thickness

8~ 28 mm

Quantity of Straightening   unit

Three sets

Top Straightening Roller   Transverse Stroke


Min. Span of Top   Straightening Roller


Range of Interval of   Stiffeners


Hydraulic System Rated   Pressure

25 MPa

Max. Pressure of Solitary   Straightening unit

30 Ton

Straightening Speed


Vertical Stroke of   Supporting Rollers


Straightening Roller   Motor Power

15.0 kW

Hydraulic Station Power

5.5 kW

Electricity Power   Specification

3P AC380V 50Hz (for   Chinese market)



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