J20 Stiffener Plate Element Straightening Machine for Port Machine
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J20 Stiffener Plate Element Straightening Machine for Port Machine


J20 Stiffener Plate unit Straightening machine for Port Machinery is the most often used model in this product group, which can meet the largest share of large section beam produce.


    1. In this section we will have a discussion on Structure and Main Components of J-series (Including J20)

        Ribbed plate unit straightening machine:

   1) Main Body: As can be seen from attached picture, main body of the machine is a gantry frame, with solid bed

      and overhead platform;

   2) Column of the Gantry frame Main body: There are four round columns at the four corners of the gantry 

    frame. These columns are seamless thick round pipes welded with flanges, and assembled into the gantry 

    frame thru the flanges by means of bolts;

   3) Advantages of Round Column for Gantry frame Main body: The use of such round seamless pipes in 

    Stiffener Plate element Straightening machine has two merits: One is round column has the largest loading 

    capacity which can withstand the impact from stiffener plate straightening process; The other is round column

    gives the best appearance on the overall equipment of this Rib plate unit straightening machine;

   4) Bed and Platform: The bed and platform of the gantry frame are made of high strength section steels and 

     steel plates, with sufficient rigidity and stiffness, ensuring long term use of this Rib plate straightening machine;

   5) Straightening Units: There are three sets of straightening units assembled at the incoming side of the gantry


   6) Configuration of Straightening Unit: For each set of the straightening unit, it is composed of two pieces of 

     top straightening rollers assembled together with its transverse driving motor into an assembled unit, and one

     piece of bottom straightening roller (Invisible in the attached, hidden by workpiece and supporting roller). The 

    top rollers and bottom roller are kept in-phase and coaxial all the while. Which means, for each set of 

    straightening unit, its top rollers and bottom roller moves and stops in synchronization all along;

   7) Transverse movement of Straightening Unit: These straightening units can move leftward and rightward 

   along overhead horizontal rail of the Stiffener Plate Element Straightening machine, accommodating various 

   span of stiffeners on its plate element. The movement is motor reducer driven;

   8) Detection: For precise positioning of the straightening units, there are rotary encoders installed for detecting

     actual position of the straightening units, making sure the J20 Stiffener Plate Straightening machine always 

     works accurately;

   9) Stroke Management: Besides, there are electric limit switches and rubber hard stops installed for double 

     insurance of transverse movement of the straightening units, making sure the Stiffener Plate unit Straightening

     machine always works safely;

   10) Pressing Bearing: The pressing bearing of the top straightening roller is critical component for normal 

      operation of the Rib plate unit straightening machine. It has sufficient bearing capacity, and reasonable

     lubricating system;

   11) Supporting Roller: There are one piece of front and rear supporting roller each at the front and rear side of

      the gantry frame. Please check attached picture. Transmission of its revolve is coupled with that of bottom 

     straightening rollers by way of chain and sprocket;


  2. Parameters of J20 Stiffener Plate unit Straightening machine, or J20 Ribbed plate unit straightening 






Workpiece Width

1000 ~ 3000mm

Straightening Thickness

8~ 20mm

Quantity of Straightening   unit

Three sets

Top Straightening Roller   Transverse Stroke


Min. Span of Top   Straightening Roller


Range of Interval of   Stiffeners


Hydraulic System Rated   Pressure

25 MPa

Max. Pressure of Solitary   Straightening unit

30 Ton

Straightening Speed


Vertical Stroke of   Supporting Rollers


Straightening Roller   Motor Power

15.0 kW

Hydraulic Station Power

5.5 kW

Electricity Power   Specification

3P AC380V 50Hz (for   Chinese market)



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