DX4080 Large H Beam End Face Milling Machine
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DX4080 Large H Beam End Face Milling Machine


DX4080 Large H Beam End Face Milling machine is the typical model of large size product, with the capability of end face milling on steel structure members of up to 4m height and 8m width. Width is custom-made size.


The 1st set of DX4080 Steel Structure End Face Mill machine made by Wuxi JACK was in 2010, for a customer of ship building industry in Wuhan city, China. It has very good and stable performance over the past 10s years, and gained high recognition from the customer. Since then, more and more Large scale H Beam End Face Milling machine of DX40xx and above have been made for customers in China and abroad, and have acquired word of mouth from customers.


The capability of delivering Large H Beam End Facing machine comes from its special designed and manufactured machine frame, especially its body and column:

   1) The body and column of these DX40xx (and above) Large Beam End Face Milling machine are finely-

       machined members welded into the shape of structure, and integrally annealed post welding;

   2) For heavy-duty of Large Beam End Facing machine, its cross-section size of body and column are calculated

      and made specifically larger with sufficient margin for the purpose of making strong and sturdy structure;

   3) There are stiffeners deployed all along machine body of this Steel Structure End Milling machine, making it

      more solid and durable;

   4) The whole mechanical system of this DX4080 Steel Structure Facing machine features in firm, stable, and good

      precision, without deform;

   5) For heavy duty of this versatile Steel Structure End Facing machine, customer have two preparatory jobs 

      before putting it use:

     i. Make foundation based on the drawing from us;

     ii. Make workpiece rack of corresponding size. (Please check attached picture) Or we can produce hydraulic-

        drive workpiece rack for customers;

   6) For large H Beam End Face Milling machine, after commissioning at our company, its machine body is 

      disassembled, shipped to customer site, assembled into an integral machine again, and then made 



Below are parameters of DX4080 Large Scale Versatile Steel Structure End Face Milling Machine:


Technical   parameter

DX4080 H Beam BOX Beam End Face Milling Machine

Workpiece Cross-section   Height (mm)


Workpiece Cross-section   Width (mm)


Facing Head Power


Horizontal Facing   Speed

100∼800mm/min Inverter Control

Vertical Facing Speed

100∼800mm/min Inverter Control

Facing Head   Spindle Rotation Speed


Angle of Facing Head   along Vertical Surface




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