LHC Column Type Large H Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine
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LHC Column Type Large H Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine


The LHC column H Beam submerged arc welding machine is used in heavy duty automatic product line in the form of 4 sets together, with H Beam web width up to 2000mm (currently the biggest in steel structure industry). This is the reason it is named as “large” H Beam Weld Equipment.


As introduced in process technology of H Beam Automatic Line, the 4 sets of LHC are divided into 2 groups, the 1st group of 2 sets work in the 1st welding area, and the 2nd group in the 2nd welding area. The flipping and transport of H Beam among the 4 sets of the column type H Beam weld equipment (or, to be more precisely, between the 1st and 2nd welding areas) is accomplished with 90° and 180° Overturning rack as well as conveyor, without human intervention. In this way, the 4 seams on a piece of H Beam can be welded in a stream line.


  1) Equipment Composition:

      This LHC column H Beam weld equipment is composed of:

      - Trolley, column, beam, (these three units are assembled as an integral machine body);

      - Carriage and welding torch, as well as arc-tracer& wire feeder installed on the welding torch (This section is

         installed on the beam of machine body);

      - Motor and travel reducer;  

      - Welding machine, welding flux recovery and recycling unit (1 set each);

      - Pneumatic system (for driving arc tracer);

      - Control system, control board, operating panel, drag-chain, cable hanging rack

Please check below sketch for part of main components marked (2 sets of LHC are put face to face):

 7- Main units

 2) Equipment Movement:

    -  Same as gantry type H Beam weld equipment, moving speed of LHC trolley is controlled with A.C. inverter

        (SAW welding speed);

    -  Double drive: 2 motors drive gears into revolve by means of 2 motor reducers, which in turn drive 2 shafts. In

       this way, the double drive style of double shafts and four wheels (the wheels are fit at the bottom of the trolley

       and move along the rail) can avoid crawling issue caused from skidding, making sure the trolley running in 

       stable and reliable manner;

   - During SAW welding, travel speed is set with knob on the operating panel based on H Beam flange& web

      thickness, as well as welding current& voltage of power supply needed, within the range of 0.24~ 2.4m/min

      (continuous adjusting). This is also true with T style and gantry style H Beam weld equipment;

    -  When not in welding, the trolley travels in idle speed of 3.2m/min to retreat to its starting point for next round

       of welding;

  3) Positioning of welding torch during welding:

      Also, same as gantry type and T type H Beam weld equipment, movement of LHC welding torch along vertical

     and horizontal direction on its carriage (carriage is installed on the beam) is driven with gear and rack (this type

     is strong and firm fashion). This manner of drive and transmission is appropriate for welding H-beams of 

    diversified specifications, avoiding non-positioning midway problem if driven with air cylinder (this type is apt to

     become floating). In all, thanks to quick and reliable adjustment switching among H Beams of different 

     specification, this LHC is a kind of high efficiency H Beam weld equipment with good quality.


Below are specifications of this LHC Column type automatic H Beam weld equipment:




Operator   Working Position

Stand   on moving trolley of column body

H Beam Flange   Width (mm)

200   ~ 800

H Beam Flange   Thickness (mm)

6 ~   40

Can   be special made

H Beam Web   Height (mm)

200   ~ 2000

H Beam Web   Thickness (mm)

6 ~   32

Can   be special made

H Beam Length   (mm)

4000   ~ 12000

Can   be special made

Gantry   Travel Rail Length (mm)


Trolley   welding travel speed (m/min.)

0.24   ~ 2.4

Controlled   with Inverter

Trolley   Idle travel speed (m/min.)






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