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LHT T Type H Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine


At first glance, LHT T type H Beam Submerged Arc welding machine looks very like LHA gantry type H Beam welding equipment, to be specific, center control LHAZ. Or, if you observe it carelessly, you maybe confuse LHT with LHA.


On the other hand, there is common point between T type LHT and column type LHC. Please check below sketch of T type H Beam welding equipment:

 LHT Frame

Same as column-type, because workpiece H Beam are put on the supporting tacks outside of the machine frame column, there is no limit to extension of H Beam. In this sense, for same size of frame, H Beam welded with T type automatic H Beam welding equipment can be larger (web width) than gantry type LHA. And also same as LHC, such kind of structure can accommodate H Beam of various web sizes, so for T type H Beam welding equipment, there is no variation in model to differentiate, just one model of LHT.


In a sense, LHT is something like bridging the gap between Column style and gantry style H Beam welding equipment. The 3 kinds SAW machine share the same theory of submerged arc welding, and therefore same kind of welding power source and auxiliary units. They are kindred product under submerged arc welding machine family. The development of T type is made on the basis of gantry H Beam welding equipment.


Unlike heavy power involved during assembling for H Beam Assembly machine, and during straightening for H Beam Straightening machine, which need hydraulic system to provide power momentum, in H Beam SAW machine, driving power is from motor reducer for mechanical system (machine body), electric power for welding power source, and pneumatic system for arc tracing unit.


On the other side, equipped with large current SAW power source, these large H Beam welding equipment have very high degree of power consumption. Taking a set of T type as example:

  1) 2 sets of SAW power source:   2* 80kW

  2) 2 sets of flux recovery unit:     2*5.5kW

  3) Machine Power:                       9kW


So, at a facility where T type or Gantry type high efficiency H Beam welding equipment is installed, for one set of it, the power supply system of that section area should be equipped with air breaker with capacity at least 200 ~ 220kVA.


Below are specifications of this LHT T type High Quality H Beam Welding Equipment:




Operator   Working Position

Beneath T frame, between 2 supporting racks

H Beam Flange   Width (mm)

200 ~ 800

H Beam Flange   Thickness (mm)

6 ~ 40

Can   be special made

H Beam Web   Height (mm)

200 ~ 2000

H Beam Web   Thickness (mm)

6 ~ 32

Can   be special made

H Beam Length   (mm)

4000 ~ 15000

Can   be special made

Gantry   Travel Rail Length (mm)




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