RH-series Strip And Plate Edge Rounding Machine for Industry
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RH-series Strip And Plate Edge Rounding Machine for Industry


The attached picture shows the two main sub-categories of RH-series Edge Deburring and Rounding machine:

   1) Strip Edge Rounding machine (Shown in the upper section of the picture):

     - Standard model is RH1000, for workpiece of Max. 1000mm width;

   2) Plate Edge Rounding machine (Shown in the lower section of the picture):

     -  Standard models include RH1500/ RH2000/ RH3000, for workpiece of Max. 1500mm/ 2000mm/ 3000mm

       width respectively.


As introduced its product group, these Automatic Edge Deburring and Rounding machine is for rounding/deburring edge of workpieces as strip, plate, H Beam web, vertical plate of T Beam, into round edge of Radius 2~2.5mm, for enhancing painting adhesion, and improving stress concentration of the workpiece.

These Edge Rounding equipment belongs to requisite supporting ones for producing machinery working in the environment of large volumes moistures (Such as Shipbuilding, Port, Offshore, etc.). To be specific, from the perspective of application, this machine can be classified into four major categories of:

     1) Edge Rounding machine for T Beam Production; (This is the reason it can also be grouped as a T Beam

         production equipment);

     2) Edge Deburring and Rounding machine for shipbuilding;

     3) Edge Rounding machine for port machinery;

     4) Edge Deburring and Rounding machine for bridge industry.


We arrange introduction on RH-series product in the format of:

     1) This product section starts on series of detailed introduction on Edge Deburring and Rounding equipment

       from aspect of machine structure/ performance/ usage/ operation/ service, etc. in the next 15 production 

      sections (Totally 16, plus this one);

     2) As can be observed from attached picture, the RH1000 Strip Edge Rounding machine has different 

       appearance (or general structure) from that of RH1500/2000/3000. For which we will have deep explore in the

       subsequent sections. To have better understanding on these products, we arrange them in staggered models,

      from the biggest one of RH3000 High Efficiency Edge Deburring and Rounding machine;

     3) Detailed parameters of each standard model are listed in its corresponding product section;

     4) Besides the standard models, we can also design and produce special-made ones based on customer 



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