Special Made Circumferential Welding Machine for Small Cylinder Body
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Special Made Circumferential Welding Machine for Small Cylinder Body


The Small Cylinder Body Welding machine of this section is the third set of circumferential seam welding machine we introduce on its type. It is a special made welding machine specifically for welding small pipe, tube and cylinder body.


    1.     Design:

    1)       Design of this circumferential seam welder incorporates bottom platform, overhead top gantry, and intermediate welding arm;

    2)       In this way, welding torch of this circumferential welding machine have three dimension movement available: In workpiece longitudinal direction along top gantry, in workpiece axial direction along welding arm, and in vertical direction along welding carriage, making this special welding machine adaptable for wide variety of application;

    3)       This circumferential seam welding equipment is equipped with 2 sets of welding torch which work separately. Each set of welding torch has its own welding carriage and welding arm, boosting productivity in large extent, also be applicable for built-up welding, or hard surfacing operation;

    4)       Welding mode of this special purpose welding machine of circumferential welding equipment can be SAW (Submerged arc welding), gas shielded CO2, strap cladding, hard surfacing, etc.;

    5)       The welding arm extends from its mounting overhead gantry into welding area in overhanging style. Driven with gas cylinder, the welding torch moves along this arm in fast speed, during on and off of the welding process;

    6)       Fixing of workpiece in this specialized welding machine is realized with a pair of vertical rack: The rack at terminal of platform is fixed type. It is also the driving section for workpiece revolve, in the speed of welding velocity; The rack at the other side is moving type, fitting for various length of workpiece, and travels on the bottom platform along length direction of workpiece;

    7)       The guiderail on the bottom platform is covered with organ cover for protection against infiltration of dust and scrap.


    2.     Operation:

Operation of this special made welding machine of circumferential seam welder involves below main points:

    1)       Retract welding carriage back to its original position at gantry beam along its extension arm;

    2)       Load on workpiece, secure it, and adjust its position for welding;

    3)       Drive the welding carriage forward into welding area along its extension arm;

    4)       Adjust position and angle of welding torch for precise management of welding position;

    5)       In the case of circumferential welding of this small cylinder body welding machine, the two sets of welding torch can weld both ends of workpiece at the same time, doubling production efficiency;

    6)       In the case of built-up welding, or hard surfacing, the two sets of welding torch work in pair, one following the other, for doubling the hard surfacing velocity;

    7)    At the completion of welding, move the welding torch back to its original position at gantry beam, and unload the workpiece.

    3.     Summary:

With this we come to wrapping up of introduction on circumferential seam welding machine. As an outline,

    1)       Circumferential welding does not see as many applications as straight welding and longitudinal welding, but belongs to requisite and indispensable working process. Accordingly, circumferential seam welder is ubiquitous in welding field;

    2)       Based on its myriads of changes in terms of workpiece style and application, circumferential seam welding equipment is usually designed and produced in the form of special made welding machine;

    3)       Fillet welding is one of the most welding seams in circumferential welding, and gas shielded CO2 welding/ MIG is among the most frequently used welding mode in circumferential welding machine;

    4)       Circumferential seam welding machine usually carries out welding in automatic way, with workpiece revolving in welding velocity, and welding torch kept in standstill.


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