Z15 Manual Alignment H Beam Assembly Machine with Manual Tack Welding
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Z15 Manual Alignment H Beam Assembly Machine with Manual Tack Welding


This Z15 is the “old fashioned” H Beam Assembling equipment, because the 2 critical operations of:

   1) Alignment and fixing of the 2 pieces of flange and web (which is, H Beam assembly);

   2) CO2 tacking

Are all performed manually. So, this series of product can be named as “manual H Beam Assembling machine”, and for delivering satisfactory WIP (working in process) welding H Beam, it is necessary to:

   1) 2 operators work together all the while (they stand at both sides of workpiece), first assembling the H Beam,

       then carry out tack welding;

   2) These 2 operators should have superb skill and rich experience


In this sense,this series of Z15/Z18/Z20 manual H Beam Assembling equipment poses high demanding on operators’ capability.


With this kind of I Beam Assembling equipment (Equal to H Beam assembly) with manual alignment and manual CO2 welding, being familiar with machine structure and components is vital important:

   1. Machine Structure and Main Units:

For appearance of H Beam Assembling equipment with tack welding, please check below picture:

 Machine Appearance

   1) The automatic H Beam Assembling equipment (still it is an automatic machine) is composed of:

     - Main body (Gantry with 4 pieces of rectangular rails fit);

     - Pulling-rod system (2 sets, for positioning of flange and web);

     - Input and output conveyor;

     - Hydraulic system;

     - Electric control system;

   2) The main body is composed of top gantry, bed, platform, motor reducer, hydraulic system and control 


   3) Top gantryis composed of top beam, column, elevating beam, downward pressing roller, downward pressing

       cylinder. Its main function is to press firmly H-beam web of various specifications against H Beam flange 

      during operation;

    4) Bed is composed of 2 wall boards and bottom beam, fit with arc-guiding unit, web and flange clamping unit,

       main transmission system. Its main function is to localize and clamp H-beam of various specifications, and 

       carry out spot weld at the same time with H-beam transport;

    5) Motor reducer drives main transmission roller by way of coupler. The reducer is individually from main body,

       easy for package and installation. 


   2. Mechanical transmission system

   1) Main transmission system of the H Beam Assembling and Tack Welding equipment is driven with motor

      reducer, which is joint with main transmission roller directly thru coupler and transmission shaft;

   2) The 2 pieces of flange supporting rollers at the front and rear of main transmission roller are driven with 

       sprocket on the transmission shaft thru chain, and rotate in-phase with the main transmission roller.


   3. Input and Output Conveyor

   1) Standard length of input& output conveyor of Z15/Z18/Z20 H Beam Assembling and Tack Weld equipment is

       8m each;

   2) Both the input and output conveyor are in the form of 3 segments, 2.6m length each;

   3) Of the 3 segments, one is driving, the other two segments are idle (follower) conveyor;

   4) Length of conveyor can be special made based on customer demand;

   5) With manual tack welding, conveyor travels in constant speed, which is manual welding velocity.


For the further detail of each system of this Z15/Z18/Z20 Welding H Beam Assembling equipment, please check next section of product Z18 and Z20.


Below are specifications of this Z15 Manual Alignment H Beam Assembling Equipment with tack weld:


Z15 Manual Alignment with Manual Tack Welding

Max. H Beam Web Width (mm)


H Beam Web Thickness (mm)


H Beam Flange Width (mm)


H Beam Flange Thickness (mm)


H Beam Length (mm)


Max. H Beam Weight

20 Ton.

Web and Flange Alignment Style

 Manual Alignment

Tack Welding Style

Manual CO2 tack welding


2 operators

Conveyor speed (mm/min.)

2000,   constant



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