MP20 Plate Butt Joining Machine for Plate Join
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MP20 Plate Butt Joining Machine for Plate Join


1.     What is Usage of MP20 Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine?

1)       The attached first photo was taken at a Russian customer on a set of Wuxi JACK MP20 Plate Flat Butt Welding Machine. We can see on the output conveyor there is a piece of finished joint steel plate from two pieces of raw material steel plates; 

Fig1 Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine

2)       MP series Plate Butt Joining Machine is used for butt joint 2 pieces of metal plates (Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Al) with the welding mode of SAW welding (for 6~40mm thick plate) and or CO2 welding (for 5~6mm thin plate);

3)       So, under what circumstances should metal plates to be joint with this Plate Butt Joint Machine?

a)       For example, when making production on large diameter pipe (5m diameter and above), length of single piece of steel plate is not long enough to be bent and rolled into a full circle of 5m diameter and above;

b)      By this time, it is necessary to joint 2 pieces of steel plate with this MP series Plate Joint Welding Machine;

4)      MP20 refers to max. valid butt welding width of 2000mm. Which means, the largest width to be joint in MP20 Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine is 2000mm.

2.     Working Steps in MP series Plate Flat Butt Welding Machine:

1)       General Layout in the MP Model Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine:

a)       Checking on vertical view of the MP20 Plate Flat Butt Welding Machine in the first photo, you can find in the sequence of material flow from input conveyor to output conveyor:

b)      At incoming side of the Plate Butt Joining Machine gantry, there is triple cutting torch, and at the outlet side of the gantry, there is welding torch system;

2)       Flame Cutting Torch in the MP Model Plate Butt Joining Machine:

a)       Please check the 2nd photo on triple cutting process in the MP series Plate Butt Joint Machine;

b)      This unit has the same working principle as Plate Triple Flame Cutting Machine. It is for making welding groove on the edges of metal plates with thickness above 15mm, making preparation on the subsequent butt welding at the opposing side of the Plate Joint Welding Machine; 

Fig2 Flat Butt Welding Machine 34

c)       This unit is optional for the Flat Butt Welding Machine. Without it, you may need to make welding groove on edges of metal plates in XBJ& SXBJ series Edge Milling Machine;

3)       SAW Butt Welding in the MP Model Flat Butt Welding Machine:

a)       Welding Technology: The 3rd~ 5th photos record working elements of SAW (Submerged arc welding) butt welding system in the machine;

b)      In butt welding system of the MP series Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine, Melt Through technique is utilized for high quality and high efficiency butt welding, which means “One surface welding two surfaces forming”. See below photo on effect of Melt Through technique in the Plate Butt Joint Machine: 

Fig3 Plate Butt Joining Machine 38

4)       Welding Torch Installation in the MP Model Plate Butt Joint Machine:

The 3rd photo was taken on installation status of welding torch system in the MP Plate Joint Welding Machine, including its motor driving lifting mechanism/ Wire feeding unit/ Wire feeding tube/ Welding flux recycling unit/ Wire straightening mechanism;

5)       Copper Pad and Welding Base in the MP Model Flat Butt Welding Machine:

Fig4 Flat Butt Welding Machine IMG_4673

a) The 4th photo shows butt welding bed which is formed with an array of copper pads. You can see there are 6 pairs of black color holding blocks just above the copper pads, which have interval space of 300~ 350mm. In the total welding seam width of 2000mm in the MP20 Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine, it needs 6 pairs of such holding blocks;

b)      These holding blocks are for the purpose of pressing the two pieces of metal plates firmly during melt through butting welding in the Plate Butt Joining Machine, which are driven with oil cylinders installed inside the trapezoidal cover at both sides of the copper pads and welding base;

c)       You can see from the 4th photo that there are black color earthing cables connected with each of the holding block, guaranteeing safe welding of the MP20 Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine;

Fig5 Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine 44- IMG_4907

6)       Welding Torch in Working in the MP Model Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine:

a)       The 5th photo was also taken on welding torch same as the 3rd photo. The difference is it was taken during SAW melt through butt welding process in the Flat Butt Welding Machine;

b)      And you can find welding flux was being deployed on the welding seam between the 2 pieces of steel plates. Please check attached video on melt through SAW butt welding in the MP20 Plate Joint Welding Machine;

c)       Finished butt joint steel plate from the Plate Joint Welding Machine: Please check the 6th photo.

3.     Technical Parameters of MP20 Plate Butt Joining Machine:

Below are parameters of standard MP20 Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine:



MP20 Plate Butt Joint Welding   Machine

(MP20 Plate Flat Butt Welding   Machine)


Applicable Plate Thickness

6 ~ 40mm for SAW (Low carbon steel, Stainless steel or Al alloy)


Welding Thickness without Beveling

6 ~ 15mm


Max. Welding Seam Length

(Or Plate Width)

2000 mm


Welding Velocity

200 ~ 1200mm/min VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) with Inverter


Triple Cutting Velocity

100 ~ 800 mm/min.


Welding style

Submerged Arc Welding for thick plate, or

CO2 welding for thin plate, melt through technique


Workpiece Length

6000 ~ 15000 mm (Can be special made)



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