Z20 Self Alignment H Beam Assembly Machine with Manual Tack Welding
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Z20 Self Alignment H Beam Assembly Machine with Manual Tack Welding


With manual CO2 welding, this series of H Beam Assembly machine is still labeled as “Automatic”, because the machine is a kind of complicated equipment, integrating tasks of:

  1) Workpiece feed in, send out and flipping;

  2) Workpiece held upright from its falling down;

  3) Workpiece positioning, alignment, clamp and assembly;

  4) Workpiece CO2 welding

Into one machine. All these are manipulated with the control system of the machine.


Especially flange and web self-alignment process. To give clear illustration on it, please check the 2 pictures as below:

Support- 13-Self Alignment

  1) From picture 1, we can observe the web alignment and clamping rollers (inside the red color square frame):

      -  2 sets of rollers, front side and back side each;

     -   For each set, there are 2 pairs of rollers, left and right each;

     -   For each pair, there are 2 pieces of concentric rollers, top and bottom each, assembled with the same shaft;

     -   In total, 8 pieces of alignment and clamping rollers

  2) Also can be seen from picture 1, each pair of rollers is guided with a guiding cover along leftward and rightward direction. Within each of these 4 guiding covers are leadscrew for transmission;

Support- 12-Self Alignment

  3) Now check picture 2. The oil cylinder at lower left of the picture (Inside red square frame) is for driving the 8

      pieces of alignment and clamping rollers by way of leadscrew:

    - The oil cylinder drives the 4 leadscrews inside the 4 guiding covers at the same time, making the leadscrews

       into transmission synchronously;

    - With transmission of the leadscrews, the 4 guiding covers travel toward workpiece web in same pace (2 from

      left side of the web and another 2 from right side);

    -  Thus in turn, the 8 alignment and clamping rollers travel toward the web at the same pace (4 from left side of

        the web and another 4 from right side)

  4) Upon the 8 rollers touch the web at the same time, they hold and clamp the web firmly, fulfilling the task of 

      self-alignment of web with flange.


The above-mention process happens 2 times for one piece of H Beam, for assembling into ⊥-shape first and then 工-shape.


Below are specifications of this Z20 Self Alignment Automatic I Beam Assembly Machine with Tack Welding:


Z20 Self-Alignment with Manual Tack Welding

Max. H Beam Web Width (mm)


H Beam Web Thickness (mm)


H Beam Flange Width (mm)


H Beam Flange Thickness (mm)


H Beam Length (mm)


Max. H Beam Weight

20 Ton.

Web and Flange Alignment Style


Tack Welding Style

Manual CO2 tack welding by operators


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