Z15~Z20 High Precision H Beam Assembly Machine with Tack Welding
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Z15~Z20 High Precision H Beam Assembly Machine with Tack Welding


In running of automatic H Beam Assemble machine with tack welding, “high precision” is the foremost request on its performance. Because the essential task of this equipment is to assemble the flanges and web into H shape and strengthen it with tack welding, so the accurate assembly is foundation for next step of submerged arc welding and straightening, to deliver a qualified finish product of welding H Beam. Improper assembling makes H Beam an unqualified product.


To make high precision assembly and tack welding process with the Z15~Z20 automatic I Beam Assemble machine, the exquisite design on its mechanisms for every step of assembly and tack welding is essential for success:

   1) 1st stage Assembly with Pulling Rod System

      -  As introduced in previous section of I Beam Assembly and Tack Welding machine, this hydraulic drive unit

        pushes the web and flange into its proper position and clip them tightly;

      - 2 sets of the pulling rod system at both ends of workpiece makes the web and flange secured firmly and 

       coming into shape of “T” or “H”, with the principle of “Two points make one line”;

      - The pulling rod system is acted with hydraulic cylinder, not manual job;

   2) Precise Assembly Process with Self-Alignment Unit

      - This unit is critical for accurate and precise assembly process of these automatic H Beam Assemble 


      - The 8 rollers of web self-alignment at its top and 4 rollers of flange self-alignment at its bottom are 

        controlled with PLC of this automatic I Beam Assemble equipment without human intervention, making 

        pinpoint assembly of web and flange;

   3) Fine Tune on Assembly Process with Eccentric Rollers of Self-Alignment Unit

      - To have capability on further management on precise assembly to its extreme of best degree, all the rollers of

        web and flange alignment unit (the above-mentioned 8 plus 4, the rollers marked in red-color square are for

        web alignment, and marked in yellow-color are for flange alignment) are eccentric type. Please check below 


     1- Eccentric roller

       -  There is a through slot in the surface of each roller. With a proper tool (such as bolt driver), the roller can 

          haveanother 2mm adjustable stroke to manage final assembly. This design makes the equipment a truly

          high precision H Beam Assemble machine;

   4) Web and Flange Terminal Alignment

       -  Another measure taken to guarantee exact assembly is web& flange terminal alignment unit. Please check 

          below picture:

     2- Localizer

       -  Imagine the web and flange are sent into the machine and laid on its conveyor for assembling. And suppose

          terminals of web and flange are not aligned … It is an easy happen issue, because web and flange are 2 

          separate parts;

       -  A terminal alignment unit is used here for this purpose. At the time web and flange are sent to its proper

          place, a cylinder-drive fender will erect (marked in yellow square in above picture), stopping terminals of 

          web and flange, and making them in alignment. This mechanism makes another contribution to the high 

          precision I Beam Assemble machine;

        -  This unit is operated with corresponding toggle switch on operating pendant. The “Localizer” at top 

          section, introduced in previous section of the product;

   5) PLC Control Working mode Switch/Assembly Process/CO2 Tack Welding

       - PLC works as brain of this Z15~Z20 H Beam Assemble machine with Tack Weld;

       - Transferring among the three working modes of Manual/ Single/ Auto, the above-mentioned assembly steps

          (rollers act), and CO2 tack welding are all controlled with PLC, making the machine working in unified 


    6) CO2 Tack Welding Process Control

       - Compared with the next step of SAW, in Z15~Z20 I Beam Assemble machine with Tack Weld, it is in the form

          of low current intermittent welding (max. 350A), instead of large current continuous welding.;

        - For this reason, it is very important to have proper management on process parameters of Each segment 

          welding seam length, Interval between welding seams, Welding current for each segment of welding seam,


        -  In manual welding, it is highly unlikely to deliver consistent welding seams on all the finished product; While

          in automatic style, with parameters preset into the PLC, a batch of unison tack welded H Beam can be 

          expected for sure;

        - Besides, just to modify the aforementioned parameters in PLC and inverter, can the form of H Beam welding

           seam be changed


Below are specifications of this Z15~Z20 High Precision High Efficiency I Beam Assemble machine with Tack Welding:


Z15~Z20 Self Alignment with

Automatic CO2 Tack Welding

Max. H Beam Web Width (mm)


H Beam Web Thickness (mm)


H Beam Flange Width (mm)


H Beam Flange Thickness (mm)


H Beam Length (mm)


Max. H Beam Weight

20 Ton.

Working Mode


Web and Flange Alignment Style

 Self-Alignment (Automatic)

Tack Welding Style

Automatic CO2 tack welding

CO2 Gas Shielded Welding Power Source

Panasonic   KR350 or HUAYUAN NB350


1 operator

Assembly and Tack Welding speed (mm/min.)

500 ~ 6000



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