High Efficiency Automated Length Direction Angle Steel Straightening Machine
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High Efficiency Automated Length Direction Angle Steel Straightening Machine


The ASM-series High Efficiency Angle Steel Straightening Machine mainly composes of:

  1. Mechanical system

    of main body (Introduced in ASM160), including:

    1)  Gantry-type machine frame, forming structure and cavity accommodating top and bottom straightening rollers in between;

    2)  Sets of top straightening rollers(Up and down stroke pressing to straighten the Angle Steel);

    3)  Sets of bottom straightening rollers(Fit fixed inside the lower section of the cavity, serving as force-bearing unit during straightening process)

  2. Infeed and outfeed conveyor

    of Angle Iron Straightening Equipment: Standard length is 5.8m each, which can be changed on customer demand. Please see below picture. Its rollers are made of high quality 45# steel, with strong intensity. Diameter of rollers differ among models of Automated Angle Steel Straightening Machine: It is determined by size of the largest Angles of the corresponding model. For example, for ASM160, its roller size of conveyor is calculated on 160*160mm Angles;

    Fig1 微信图片_20210619182411

  3. Motor & cycloidal gear speed reducer:

    It is power source of High Efficiency Angle Iron Straightening Equipment. Based on specific models of the machine, its power varies from 5.5kW for ASM63 to 18.5kW for ASM200. Installed at backside of machine body (see below), it is driving force on high transmission efficiency and rapid straightening speed;


  4. Control system:

    This unit is “Brain and hand” of Automatic Angle Iron Straightening Equipment. Control board is fit on machine body at opposite side of motor& reducer, making the machine a compact structure for easy commissioning, operation and maintenance


All of these units work together as an integral system of Efficient Angle Iron Straightening Equipment, making foundation on solid and reliable Angle Steel straightening process.


Below is specification of ASM-series High Speed Angle Iron Straightening Equipment



Technical   parameter

ASM63 ~ 200

Min. Cross-Section size of

Angle Steel (mm)

20 ×20×3 ~ 60 ×60×5

Max. Cross-Section size of

Angle Steel (mm)

63 ×63×8 ~ 160 ×160×12

Max. Length of Angle Steel (mm)


Angle Steel   Straightening Speed (mm/min.)


Straightening   Rollers Interval (mm)

393 ~ 697

Diameter of Top/Bottom   roller (mm)

240/230 (Top / Bottom) for ASM63/100

270/260 (Top / Bottom) for ASM130/160/200

Input Conveyor   Length (m)

5.8 (Or designated by customer)

Output Conveyor   Length (m)

5.8      (Or   designated by customer)



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