Heavy Duty High Precision Automatic Hydraulic Pipe Chamfering Machine
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Heavy Duty High Precision Automatic Hydraulic Pipe Chamfering Machine


The heavy duty Pipe Chamfering machine of this section is the sophisticated version of the previous one of “Easy to Operate Pipe Beveling machine”.


1.     Machine Application:

1)      This large size pipe circumferential edge milling machine was developed as the first equipment in the production line of Large Diameter Longitudinal Seam SAW Pipes which are used in the deployment of Oil and Gas pipeline. To be specific, Chinese West to East Gas Transmission project around the year of 2000;

2)      The machine following this heavy duty pipe edge milling machines are Pipe Tack Welding machine and Pipe Internal Longitudinal Welding machine;

3)      This pipe circumferential chamfering machine fulfils high speed and high precision circumferential beveling task on large size and heavy weight workpiece of pipes.

2.     Working Principle and Performance:

1)      In terms of both machine structure and working principle, this heavy duty pipe chamfering machine is like a large scale horizontal lathe for large pipes;

2)      Securing of the workpiece for pipe annular chamfering process is by means of a complicated large fixture. Please check attached picture:

a)       This fixture has square external contour and circular internal chuck;

b)      This fixture is hydraulic drive;

c)       This fixture has several sizes based on workpiece size --- In other words, one set of this heavy duty pipe circular chamfering machine should be equipped with several sets of fixtures in different sizes, depending on product distribution at customer site;

3)      At one side of the fixture is high speed precision circular milling cutter together with its power head, which can move forward and backward along its guiding rails for pipe annular edge milling work;

4)      Workpiece is put on a horizontal sliding carriage at the opposing side of the annular beveling unit. The feeding-in and retreating of the workpiece is in constant high speed;

5)      The linear velocity of pipe edge milling is adjustable with inverter. This velocity should be determined based on diameter and thickness of workpiece pipe.

3.     Operation:

To start the circumferential edge milling job of this heavy duty pipe chamfering machine,

1)      Make sure the fixture is adaptable for the workpiece to be circumferential beveled. If not, replace a proper size fixture;

2)      Load the workpiece onto its sliding carriage and feed it toward the fixture;

3)      Clamp the workpiece by means of the hydraulic drive fixture;

4)      Implement pipe circumferential chamfering process with the high speed precise circular milling unit;

5)      At the completion of the circumferential beveling, retreat the annular chamfering unit to its original place;

6)      Release the workpiece from its fixture, and retract it to its loading/ unloading point by means of sliding carriage.

4.     Technical Parameters:

For this Heavy duty Large Scale Precise Pipe Chamfering Machine:

Pipe   Diameter Range

800   ~ 1500 mm

Max.   Pipe Length

12   m (Or longer)

Pipe   Thickness Range

10   ~ 30 mm

Pipe   Edge Milling Linear Velocity

800   ~ 2000 mm/s

Pipe   Idle Feeding Speed

4000   mm/min.

Max.   Hydraulic Pressure

12   MPa


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