Pipe Flange Welding Machine with Automatic Circumferential Gas Shielded Welding
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Pipe Flange Welding Machine with Automatic Circumferential Gas Shielded Welding


The automatic Pipe Flange Welding machine is the last one of Pipe Assembly and Welding equipment in pipe production. It is a kind of Pipe Welding machine for circumferential seam welding of CO2.


1.     Machine Usage:

1)      This pipe flange circumferential welding machine is for welding the fit-up and tack welded pipe flange in the welding mode of circumferential gas shielded welding;

2)      The welding position is flat fillet welding. It is different from the “Tailor made Circumferential Welding equipment for Small Flange” in the product family of “Welding Fixture and Special Welding Machinery”, which tilts the workpiece flange certain angle to make the welding performed in the position of vertical downward --- The workpiece is short and light in this machine, which is easy to be tiled; While the workpiece of the pipe welded with elbow at one end and flange at the other end has long length and heavy weight, which is very difficult to be swinged. This is the reason this pipe welding equipment of circumferential CO2 welding adopts welding position of flat fillet welding.


2.     Structure and Main Units:

1)      As can be checked from its picture, this pipe flange welding machine has the body trunk of vertical standing and extension arm like a set of lathe;

2)      Bed of the machine body is a set of box frame integrated with control board inside. On its top surface is a set of small turning roll which serves holding unit of workpiece, revolves in the process of circumferential seam welding, thus in turn drives workpiece into revolving, while the welding torch overhead keeps still: With the revolving of workpiece, the circumferential gas shielded welding is done;

3)      Due to the heavy weight and big size of workpiece, to make its stable running without something like skidding happened, besides the roller bed beneath the workpiece, there is another pair of rollers at the bottom face of extension arm, which press the workpiece tightly during circumferential CO2 welding, making sure the workpiece is held tightly with 4 pieces of turning rolls surrounding it;

4)      Welding torch and its control console is fit at the front end of extension arm, alongside the pressing rollers, just above welding seam;

5)      Wire spool is at the rear end of extension arm;

6)      The extension arm can be lifted up and down based on diameter of workpiece in this pipe flange circumferential seam welding machine.


3.     Machine Operation:

1)      To start on circumferential gas shielded welding process, put the workpiece onto its supporting roller beds. By this step, the workpiece should already have its elbow welded in the previous step of pipe flange submerged arc welding;

2)      Adjust position of workpiece, making sure its welding seam is right beneath the welding torch; And meanwhile, pay attention to balance of the workpiece on this pipe flange welding machine;

3)      Descends the extension arm until tip of the welding torch touches surface of pipe and flange, and adjust position of welding torch in inching way by means of its cross slide, making its tip directly aiming at the welding seam;

4)      Set up roller revolving speed, which is also velocity of circumferential seam welding on operating panel of this pipe welding machine;

5)      Set up welding current of circumferential CO2 welding in control console of power supply based on thickness of workpiece, and start on the pipe and flange circumferential seam welding process;

6)      One of the matters needing attention which should be stressed here is, during circumferential gas shielded welding, there will be strong arc light generated which will do great harm to people eyesight. So, be sure to put on welding helmet when working on this pipe flange circumferential seam welding machine;

7)      With this pipe flange circumferential seam welding, we wrap up introduction on the group of pipe assembly and welding machine for pipe production.


4.     Technical Parameters:

For this set of high efficient and high quality automatic Pipe Flange Welding machine with CO2 circumferential seam welding:

Pipe   Max. Diameter

600   mm (Tailor-made available)

Pipe   Max. Length

10   m (Tailor-made available)

Pipe   Thickness Range

10   ~ 20 mm

Pipe   Flange Welding mode

Automatic   CO2 Gas Shielded Welding

Pipe   Flange CO2 Welding Max. Current

500   A

Pipe   Flange CO2 Welding Linear Speed

400   ~ 3000 mm/min.



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