High Precision Multi-Spindle Boring Rolling Machine for Deep Hole
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High Precision Multi-Spindle Boring Rolling Machine for Deep Hole


Boring rolling machine is for the purpose of high precision operation of cylinder deep hole machining, to be specific, deep hole boring and rolling. In this sense, it can be classified as a welding preparation equipment, or classified as a kind of machining equipment.


   1.    Purpose:

   1)      This rolling boring machine is used for precise machining of cylindrical body;

   2)      During work, the workpiece is fixed into its chuck or cartridge;

   3)      With its spindle revolving, machining head of this boring rolling equipment rotates together with the workpiece feeding-in and sending-out, and accomplishes the task of workpiece boring during feeding-in and rolling during retreat;

   4)      In this respect, this Rolling boring equipment has the comprehensive tasks of cylinder deep hole boring and rolling;

   5)      This boring rolling machine is highly efficient and precise.

    2.     Boring and Rolling operation:

    1)      The critical unit for successfully performing rolling and boring operation is boring rolling head, which is a kind of multi-purpose tooling integrating both boring and rolling. Its structure is usually like this: Its front end is the section for boring, which has 2~8 pieces of blades (Fitting for specific workpiece size and machining request); Its rear end is the section for rolling, which consists of 4~ 50 pieces of rollers together with shock-proof cushion;

    2)      For fulfilling the job of cylinder deep hole boring and rolling with one time operation by means of single set of Boring rolling machine, the design of the above-mentioned boring rolling head should be capable of such working style: With the completion of boring, and in the process of retreating, the boring section of the boring rolling head contracts slightly to avoid the second time direct contact with machining surface; At the same time, rollers of the rolling section expand until close contact with the machining surface, and performing rolling step inside the cylinder deep hole;

    3)      With these cylinder deep hole machining procedures including boring and rolling, the internal machining surface of the cylinder deep hole can get the effect of gloss mirror, with roughness degree of Ra<0.2.


    3.     Merits of Boring and Rolling operation with this Rolling Boring machine:

The cylinder deep hole machining of boring and rolling is safe, convenient and in high precision. To be specific,

    1)      Improves surface roughness;

    2)      Rectify roundness of the cylinder deep hole, with ellipticity ≤0.01mm;

    3)      Increase surface hardness, eliminating stress deformation, with hardness HV≥4°;

    4)      The anti-fatigue strength after the deep hole machining can be raised up to 30%;

    5)      Better mating quality of less abrasion; Longer using life of the cylinder, together with less machining cost at the same time.

    4.     Machine Structure:

    1)      This Rolling boring machine has the main component of machine bed, workpiece fixing unit (Chuck / Cartridge), boring rolling head, scrap disposing unit, and control system;

    2)      It is tailor made. Parameter varies on specific cylinder size.


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