High Precision Portable Special Made Welding Positioner for Small Tube
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High Precision Portable Special Made Welding Positioner for Small Tube


The special welding positioner of this section is for small pipe high precision welding.


  1. Product Brief:

    1)       Based on its structure, this small tube welding positioner should be attributed as product group of welding positioner;

    2)       In the mean time, due to its very special technical characteristic in terms of welding requirement, we classify this small pipe welding positioner into the product family of special welding equipment;

    3)       The special made welding positioner shown in the attached pictures is a custom made one. It is produced for a welding laboratory in a Chinese University renowned for their welding major and department.


   2. Usage:

   1)       This special purpose welding positioner is for small tube high precision welding;

   2)       To be specific, the workpiece has the diameter scope of 10~100mm, thickness below 1mm;

   3)       Any application scenario involving small tube welding of high precision can use such specialized welding positioner, with certain degree of variation from case to case.


   3. Technical Features and Parameters:

   1)       The welding modes applied in this special welding positioner include plasma welding, and or vacuum electron beam welding which deliver welding effect of high precision;

   2)       Revolving of workpiece features in stable and very extensive speed range;

   3)       To be specific, for 6mm diameter tube, its rotary linear speed is 0.834 ~1.668mm/sec., or 50 ~100mm/min., or revolution speed of 2.65 ~ 5.3rpm;

   4)       For 150mm diameter tube, its min. rotary linear speed is 0.95mm/sec., or 57mm/min., or revolution speed of 0.12rpm;

   5)       Summing up, the revolution speed range of this special welding positioner for small pipe high precision welding has specification of 0.12 ~ 6 rpm.


   4. Structure and Operation:

   1)       To get the small pipe welding of the abovementioned high precision, servo motor is introduced into this small pipe welding positioner. It delivers wide speed range under the constant output torque;

   2)       As can be seen from the attached picture, the workpiece of small tube is fixed into a three-claw chuck fixture;

   3)       The whole welding unit integrating servo motor, chuck and workpiece can be moved along the bed of this small tube welding positioner with manual turning by means of handwheel, and transmitted through leadscrew;

   4)       The guideway for leading this manual movement is of high precision type;

   5)       Considering the small size of workpiece, this special made welding positioner has compact size and is portable for easy relocation;

   6)       The delicate and fine production of this special welding positioner makes the required small pipe high precision welding coming into being.



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