Multi-Function Gantry Frame Welding Machine with Various Welding Mode
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Multi-Function Gantry Frame Welding Machine with Various Welding Mode


The gantry frame welding machine of this section is the sibling product of the previous one: On its basis, this special welding machine expands its capability from SAW (Submerged Arc welding) to more options of welding technique, including GMAW CO2, Strap Cladding, etc. This is the reason we name it multi-function gantry welding machine.


   1.     Performance and Characteristic:

   1)       Gantry frame is one of the most often adopted structure in both universal and specialized welding machine. It has merits of both transverse and vertical movement of welding torch, making more degree of freedom, and open structure for workpiece loading and unloading. We have introduced many gantry welding machines produced by our company. For example, H Beam welding machine;

   2)       In this special welding equipment, the gantry frame is fixed type. So, its welding torch performs welding operation along the transverse direction of gantry beam. It is secured into working site floor with anchor bolts. If necessary, the gantry frame of this special welding machine can also made into moving type. In that case, welding torch can move both along leftward and rightward direction, and forward and backward direction;

    3)       The gantry frame if this multi-function welding machine consists of both sides columns, transverse beam, motor drive welding carriage, manual cross slide for adjusting vertical and horizontal position of welding torch, and electric control system;

   4)       Workpiece can pass through the gantry beneath its beam and between the columns. In this way, the gantry frame can also be taken as view of door style;

   5)       For maintaining precise positioning of welding torch in this specialized welding equipment, its transverse movement along gantry beam is guided with precision rectangular linear ball bearing guideway;

   6)       There are mechanical stops at both ends of the beam for safety precaution;

   7)       The transverse beam is made of rectangular steel pipes. It is heat treated after welded into shape, of durable structure without deformation. For this special made gantry frame welding machine, all of its surfaces are finely machined after fabrication;

    8)       The design of double guideways and rack for welding carriage movement makes its high standard of stability: Front surface of the beam is assembled with two pieces of the abovementioned precise ball bearing linear guideway, as well as one piece of integral rack for transmission. In this way, transverse movement of the welding torch and its carriage can be fully guaranteed in this special made welding equipment of multi-function gantry frame welding machine;

    9)       In its daily usage, strict cleaning and lubrication on this transmission unit of guideway and rack is very beneficial on maintaining its superior service quality and long life;

    10)    During work of this special welding machine, welding torch and its carriage moves along the beam guided with linear guideway for welding process, and driven with A.C. motor reducer. Its moving speed, which is also the welding speed, is adjustable with inverter and displayed in a display meter;

    11)    There is one set of manual control cross-slide on the welding carriage, for adjusting position of the welding gun in both X and Y axis, to make it direct at welding seam;

    12)    Angle of the welding torch can be adjusted by means of its revolving head;

    13)    Beam height of this gantry frame welding machine is calculated on the basis of worktable height and operator height;

    14)    Besides SAW, other welding power supplies and console can be equipped with this special welding machine, making it a multi-function welding machine.

    2.     Main Configuration:

Components and its quantity equipped with this multi-function special welding equipment of gantry welding machine please see below:





Welding Carriage and its   Motor

2 sets


Horizontal Adjusting unit,   stroke 200mm

2 pieces


Vertical Adjusting unit,   stroke 200mm

2   pieces


4m Length Beam + 2 pieces   of Precise Ball Bearing Linear Guideway+1 piece of Precise Rack

2 sets


Wire Spool Fitting Rack

2 pieces


Control Board Fitting   Rack

2 sets


Welding Current/ Voltage   Display unit Fitting Rack

2 pieces


Welding Torch Fitting   Rack and its Adjusting unit

2 pieces


Control cable + Drag   Chain

2 sets


Welding Power Supply

2   sets


Welding Control Console   and Cable

2   sets


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