HYJ-series Conventional Mechanical Automatic H Beam Flange Straightening Machine
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HYJ-series Conventional Mechanical Automatic H Beam Flange Straightening Machine


This product refers to product category of mechanical drive automatic I Beam flange straightening machine (I Beam has the same meaning as H Beam), including HYJ-40/ 800 and custom-made product. In H Beam flange straightening after SAW welding, this type of product accounts for 60%~70% usage. This is the reason it is given the name of “Conventional”.

  1) Usage of the HYJ-series High Power I Beam Flange Straightening Machine

     - Nearly all the automatic H Beam production line adopts with this kind of product;

     - The product can also work in semi-automatic H Beam line, or as an individual automatic I Beam flange

       straighten machine;

  2) Straightening Principle

     Please check sketch as below:

Straightening principle- Mechanical

    Mechanical I Beam flange straightening machine has similar straightening process as medium-duty hydraulic

    YTJ40/50. (For detail please check product introduction of YTJ-40 Hydraulic Vertical High Precision H Beam 

   Straightening Machine). The only difference is, driving power source of the 2 pieces of top straightening rollers is

    motor reducer, instead of hydraulic station by way of oil cylinder;

  3) Straightening Capacity

    - For this series of HYJ mechanical I Beam flange straighten machine, its limit on straightening flange thickness

       for Q235 (Tensile strength 370~ 510MPa) is 40mm;

    - For 16Mn material, the straightening speed is 70% of same thickness of Q235-A;

  4) Machine Structure and Size

   -  Below is sketch of main body and conveyor of this series mechanical high power automatic I Beam flange

       straightening machine:


HYJ-800 Conveyor

   -  Both HYJ-800 and HYJ-40 has machine size of around 3.5m L x 1.1m W x 1.7m H;

   -  Standard configuration includes 10m input and output conveyor each. Customer can also prepare the 

      conveyor by themselves, excluding it from supply range of this I Beam flange straightening machine;

   -  Weight of the standard model machine is around 7~8 Ton;

  5) Straightening Rollers

   -  For HYJ-800, min. web height is 350mm; If web height is within the range of 160 ~300mm,and flange 

      thickness≤14mm,assistant straightening roller will be used. (1 set of assistant straightening roller is prepared

     as delivery);

  6)  Operation

    -  Operating panel of HYJ-series mechanical high power I Beam flange straighten machine has similar operation

       as that of medium-duty hydraulic YTJ-40/50. Please check below:  (For Panel of the machine exported to Russia please check attached)


   -  Difference is this product does not have control on hydraulic oil pump; 

   - Operating pendant of YTJ-40/50 is introduced in YTJ-50

Below are specifications of this HYJ-series mechanical automatic high power I Beam Flange Straighten Machine:





HYJ-series conventional automatic

Straightening Power

Mechanical   Motor Reducer

H Beam Material


Tensile strength 370~510MPa

Flange Thickness (s) (mm)

6 ~ 40

Special-made available

Flange Width (b) (mm)

200 ~ 800

Web Thickness (a) (mm)


Web Height (h) (mm)

200 ~ 1500

H Beam Length (mm)

4000 ~ 12000

Straighten Speed (mm/min)

≈9000/ 17000

Main Motor power (kW)

7.5/ 22

Power Supply

3P 380V for   China

Can be made on country of   customer



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