HJ-100 Hydraulic High Speed Longitudinal H Beam Straightening Machine
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HJ-100 Hydraulic High Speed Longitudinal H Beam Straightening Machine


HJ-100 is medium &light duty longitudinal H Beam straightening machine, for straightening H Beam of max. size Web width 500mm &thickness 12mm, and Flange height 400mm & thickness 20mm. For other kinds of workpiece (Structure members, BOX beam, etc.) please take this as reference.


In this section of HJ-100 we will have an introduction on structure and main components of this HJ-series longitudinal Structural Member straightening machine.


Structure and main components of the machine

Please check below vertical view of a set of longitudinal Section Steel straightening machine:


The machine is composed of:

  [1] Main frame;

  [2] Input & Output conveyor;

  [3] Hydraulic system;

  [4] Electric control system

  1) Main frame

     Critical points

    Main frame of this HJ-series lengthways Section Steel straightening machine has main components of:

    a) Bed;

   b) Transverse Beam;

   c)  Pressing Head;

   d) Oil cylinder;

   e) Supporting roller

   Of these,

  [1] The oil cylinder is for driving the straightening execution unit--pressing head (Point 3). In other words, it is the

       power source of this longitudinal H Beam straighten machine; It controls movement of the pressing head by

       way of guiding-rod;

   [2] The 2 pieces of force-bearing unit Point1 and 2 introduced in the previous product of HJ200 are in the form

        of moving carriage, which are installed at the front side of the transverse beam;

   [3] Position of these 2 carriages (Point1&2) along the guideway of the transverse beam can be adjusted 

       manually, to control distance between them. As introduced in the previous product, distance adjustment is for

       adapting on workpiece of various sizes, and deflection status of the workpiece;

    [4] The carriages are secured by hand with bolt onto the transverse beam of this longitudinal H Beam 

        straightening equipment;

    [5] To prevent collision between workpiece and the 2 carriages, which in turn affect transport of the workpiece, 2

         sets of pushing-cylinders (Ejector 1 and 2 mentioned in the previous section of HJ200) are used to push the

         workpiece away from the 2 carriages (Point1&2). These 2 pushing-cylinders have span of 1335mm between

         each other;

  2) Input & Output conveyor

    [1] Input& Output conveyor of this HJ-series longitudinal automatic I Beam straighten equipment is for send-

          in& send-out of workpiece;

    [2] Both the conveyors consist of driving and idle section.


 3) Hydraulic system

     [1] Hydraulic system of this HJ longitudinal H Beam straighten equipment mainly composed of

       a)  Pump station;

       b)  Oil cylinder for driving Pressing head;

       c)  Oil cylinder for pushing Ejector 1&2;

       d) Hose;

      [2] For straightening process of this automated I Beam straighten equipment, the hydraulic system has the 

          function of, first oil cylinder drives the pressing head toward workpiece in high speed, then switch the

          velocity to inching (Jog) mode, to control straightening process precisely.This is for the purpose of 

          straightening process both with high efficiency, and with high accuracy;

   [3] The hydraulic system is equipped with fine-filter, guaranteeing long-term reliable running;


  4Electric control system

    [1] Electric control system of this lengthwise I Beam straighten equipment consists of a control board and an

         operating panel;

    [2] For large and medium model of HJ-series, HJ300&HJ200&HJ100, the control board is put beside machine

        body, and operating panel is fit on the bed. This is for easy operation, that operator can get access to 

        pushbutton/switch within arm’s length during straightening;

    [3] For small model of HJ20, its operating panel is integrated onto top cover of the control board. Because HJ20

         has very compact size;

    [4] All the operation is performed with pushbuttons or toggle switch. Please check the previous section of 


For daily use& maintenance of this HJ-series longitudinal I Beam straightening machine, please check next section of HJ20.


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