Pipe Flange Assembly Machine with Circumferential Seamless Tack Welding
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Pipe Flange Assembly Machine with Circumferential Seamless Tack Welding


With the completion of pipe beveling, we go to the next step of pipe flange assembly and tack welding. The machine to be used here is pipe flange assembly machine, or pipe flange tack welding machine.


1.     Machine Usage:

As its name suggests, the pipe flange Pipe Flange fitting up machine is for pipe flange fitting up and tack welding. It is the second step in the process of pipeline production.


2.     Structure:

1)      The whole set of pipe flange assembly equipment is based on rails, which means, all units of the machine is movable, giving more flexibility in its positioning;

2)      Such design is considered based on feature of workpiece pipe --- Variable length and different diameters and thickness;

3)      2 sets of traveling carts are used as workpiece supporting units. Of which its distance and location can be adjusted according to length and weight of pipe and flange to be fitted on this pipe flange assembling equipment. These traveling carts have rollers on its top;

4)      At the terminal of the rails is a set of movable working table, which in essence is a set of fixture for flange. At its internal side installed a piece of vertical plate facing toward the workpiece, with arrays of fitting holes catering for various shifts of flange diameters;

5)      This vertical plate has three directions of freedom: It can move up and down, forward and backward, leftward and rightward, aiming at alignment with axis of pipe flange couples to be fitted in this pipe flange tack welding equipment. The manipulation process is made by means of the group of buttons in red and green staggered color at the lateral side of the worktable.


3.     Operation Mode:

1)      This pipe flange assembly and tack welding machine is the counterpart of H Beam assembly and tack welding machine in pipeline production process. To begin on pipe flange fitting up and tack welding process, first make sure arrangement of the supporting racks is applicable for the size of the workpiece pipe and flange to be assembled on this pipe flange tack weld equipment;

2)      Then load the workpiece pipe onto its supporting racks;

3)      Insert 2 pieces of locating rods into the fitting holes of the vertical plate, based on size of the flange;

4)      Move the traveling worktable toward the workpiece, and make adjustment on precise position of the vertical plate, making precise alignment of pipe and flange;

5)      Fit up pipe and flange (Put the pipe and flange together);

6)      Then perform the second task of this pipe flange assembly machine: Manual tack welding on the connection of pipe and flange. Due to joint together between flange and vertical plate, tack welding can only be performed in manual mode, without pipe and flange revolving. This is different from welding process of welding rotators.


4.     Technical Parameters:

For this Pipe Flange Assembling and Tack Welding machine:

Pipe   Max. Diameter

600   mm (Tailor-made available)

Pipe   Max. Length

10   m (Tailor-made available)

Pipe   Thickness Range

10   ~ 20 mm

Pipe   Flange Tack Welding mode

Manual   CO2 Gas Shielded (Automatic available, need to redesign structure   of the Pipe Flange Assembly machine)

Pipe   Flange Tack Welding Max. Current

350   A


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