7-Axis 2500/12 Flame And Plasma Large CNC Pipe Cutting Machine
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7-Axis 2500/12 Flame And Plasma Large CNC Pipe Cutting Machine

Friction roller type; For medium large sized pipe

The 7-Axis 2500/12 belongs to group of large Plasma Oxy-fuel CNC Pipe Intersection Cut machine, for cutting and beveling on the pipe up to 2.5m diameter, and 12m length.


To meet the accuracy demand on pipe cutting& chamfering designated on 7-Axis control, besides the cutting-edge hardware of industrial computer, sophisticated control software, as well as communication between them, 

The mechanical system of the Large Plasma Oxy-fuel CNC Pipe Cutting Machine also has special design and control regulation:

-  Revolve of workpiece pipe is driven with 4 sets of servo motor and high precision reducer in phase, depressing the negative effect brought from inertia of pipe rotation;

-  The machine is installed with detecting unit against pipe revolve, collecting feedback data transferred back to industrial computer for compare and analysis, forming up closed-loop control;

-  At one side of machine bed, there is one set of fender wheels, for the purpose of eliminating axial drifting of pipe rotation;

-  For the 2 sets of turning rolls supporting the workpiece pipe, its span is manipulated with 6 sets of mechanical units driven with servo motor.

In All, the integration of mechanical system with control system composes an integral one of advanced technique, guaranteeing high precision of 7-Axis Plasma Oxy-fuel CNC Pipe Intersection Cut machine.


Below is specification of 7-Axis 2500/12 Flame and Plasma large CNC Pipe Cutting Machine:



Technical   parameter

7 Axis CNC-CP 2500/12

Diameter Range of Pipe (mm)

500 ~ 2500

Max. Length of Pipe (mm)


Thickness of Pipe (mm)

6~100   mm for flame cutting

3 ~ 25mm for plasma cutting

Cutting Speed

200∼800mm/min. for flame cutting

Around 200~ 2000mm/min. for plasma cutting

(Based on thickness of Pipe and Plasma Power)

CNC Control Axis

7 Axis of X/Y/Z/A/B/V/W



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