LHZ Accurate And Fast Cross Slide Welding Manipulator with Strip Cladding
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LHZ Accurate And Fast Cross Slide Welding Manipulator with Strip Cladding


The welding manipulator with strip surfacing is for strip surfacing, or called strip cladding on the surface of cylindrical parts, with the equipment of weld column and boom with strip cladding.


Strip cladding is for welding of wear resistant layer, or anticorrosive coating on barrel workpiece. It is on the basis of SAW (submerged arc welding), or ESW(electro-slag welding), with the SAW or ESW welding power source, but different welding head in replacement. Please check attached picture: A strip cladding head and steel strip of 50mm width is fit on the welding column and boom with strip surfacing, in substitutes of welding torch and wire in SAW. It can get deposition thickness of 0.3~0.5mm on the surface of workpiece.


The most often used strip-cladding system by us for the LHZ strip cladding welding manipulator is from ESAB. Please check attached pictures.


Below are brief on this strip cladding and how it works in the high quality welding manipulator with strip surfacing:

    1. Process:

       The technology that is used for cladding larger areas are strip cladding by submerged arc welding (SAW) or by

       electroslag welding (ESW). Both methods offer a high deposition rate, from perspective of both kg/h and area

       coverage m2/h., together with shallow penetration and high deposit quality. Stainless steel strip cladding is

       widely used in the production facilities of chemical, petrochemical, and nuclear industries;

    2. SAW strip cladding:

      The steel strip adopted in accurate welding manipulator with strip cladding, normally has dimensions of 

     (50~60mm)width x(0.3~0.5mm)thickness, is used as electrode. An electric arc is generated between the steel

      strip and workpiece in the process of working. Flux is used to form a molten slag to protect the weld pool from

     the atmosphere, and helps to form a smooth weld bead surface, on the workpiece of weld column and boom

     with strip surfacing;

  3. ESW strip cladding:

     It is upgrade of SAW strip with high quality and high deposition rate process. ESW is an arcless method utilizing

     ohmic heating to melt strip/flux/parent material. The heating is a result of current flowing through the strip 

    electrode and a comparatively shallow layer of liquid electro-conductive slag. The penetration is lower for ESW

     than for SAW since the molten slag pool is used to melt the strip and part of the parent material instead of 

    serving as an arc between the strip electrode and parent material. As a rule of thumb, ESW reduces dilution up

    to 50% compared with SAW under the condition of same heat input with significantly higher deposition rate;

  4. Both SAW and ESW can be applied in the LHZ welding manipulator with strip surfacing, depends on practical

     condition of customers;

  5. Example of SAW Strip cladding used in LHZ column and boom with strip surfacing:

     The attached pictures show the LHZ5050 we exported to Russia for a customer of pressure vessel industry. In

     this high quality welding manipulator with strip cladding,

    - Welding power is ESAB LAF1601;

    - Wire feeder is ESAB A6S twin wire ratio 156:1;

    - Strip cladding head 30-100mm A6;

    - Boom horizontal working speed, or welding velocity is 120~1200mm/min;

    - Workpiece diameter range is 1000~4500mm;

    - Boom horizontal travel transmission is gear and rack;

For this set of LHZ5050 high precision weld column and boom with strip cladding.




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