Z20 Manual Alignment H Beam Assembly Machine with Manual Tack Welding
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Z20 Manual Alignment H Beam Assembly Machine with Manual Tack Welding


This Z20 manual welding H Beam Assembly machine is the last one we introduced in this series of manual H Beam Assembly equipment, and also the largest one of its kind.


When we nominate it as “manual welding H Beam Assembly equipment”, it is because these Z15/Z18/Z20 products perform the 2 main tasks of:

  1) H Beam Assembly (By means of positioning and clamping flanges and web into 工shape);

  2) H Beam CO2 tack welding

Are all finished with manual job, instead of PLC and inverter control.

On the other side, this series of product can still be viewed as automatic equipment, because the whole process of raw material feed-in, assembling, tack welding, and finished workpiece sent out, are all manipulated with electric control system of these high precision I Beam Assembling equipment. It depends on how you appraise on it.


In this section of Z20 Manual Welding I Beam Assembly equipment we will have an introduction on “lower section” of machine body:

   1. Machine Bed

 1- Bed and downward pressing unit

     1) It is cornerstone of these Z15/Z18/Z20 automatic and manual H Beam Assembly machine;

     2) It should be sturdy and firm;

     3) Its sub-assemblies are listed as:

        - Wall boards (2 pieces);

        - Bottom transverse beam (2 pieces);

        - Web and flange positioning& clamping unit (Alignment system);

        - Main transmission motor reducer and roller;

        - Chain& sprocket and its cover;

        - Arc guide unit

     4) It is working area of these automatic and manual I Beam Assembling machine: H Beam assembly and

         tack welding happen here;

    2.  Pulling Rod system

      1) This is a basic and very important unit for both automatic and manual I Beam Assembly equipment;

      2) Its function is to have the 1st stage assembly on web and flange: When the web and flange are sent into the

          machine on its input conveyor, this unit of pulling rod will act, positioning and clamping the web and flange

          into place;

      3) Its working principle is like this. Please check below picture. There are 6 rollers with 1 set of pulling rod

          system. The top 4 rollers (Red color square) are for clamping web, and the bottom 2 rollers (Yellow color 

         square) for clamping flange. There are 2 hydraulic cylinders for drive the 2 sets of rollers each (Purple color 


 2- Pulling Rod

       4) Following that is the “fine” tune on positioning and clamping of the web and flange with the alignment

           system introduced before;

       5) This unit is hydraulic drive;

       6) With one set of automatic and manual I Beam Assembly machine, there are 2 sets of pulling rod system, 

          deployed at the position fitting with 2 end points of workpiece H Beam along input conveyor. Please check

         below picture;

 2A- Pulling Rod

        7) The 2 sets of pulling rod system work in phase;

        8) Manipulation on the pulling rod system is made with toggle switch on operating pendant


With these, our introduction covers all main units of machine body (mechanical system) of the Z15/Z18/Z20 automatic and manual welding H Beam Assembly machine.


Below are specifications of this Z20 manual high precision I Beam Assembling Equipment:


Z20 Manual Alignment with Manual Tack Welding

Max. H Beam Web Width (mm)


H Beam Web Thickness (mm)


H Beam Flange Width (mm)


H Beam Flange Thickness (mm)


H Beam Length (mm)


Max. H Beam Weight

20 Ton.

Web and Flange Alignment Style

 Manual Alignment

Tack Welding Style

Manual CO2 tack welding


2 operators

Conveyor speed (mm/min.)

2000,   constant


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