High Efficiency Strip Plate Cutting Machine with Flexible Size
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High Efficiency Strip Plate Cutting Machine with Flexible Size


Plate Strip Cutting machine is the “simplest” and “earliest” product of CNC Strip Plate Cutting machine. 

1.     Machine Usage and Application:

1)      Usage:

a)       Strip Plate Cutting machine is for cutting slit and or cutting off in longitudinal and or transverse direction with Oxygen and cutting gas (Acetylene or Propane). So, it has full name of Plate Strip Flame Cutting machine, or Plate Strip Oxyacetylene Cutting machine;

b)      Finished product of the machine is metal slits and metal plates in strip shape of various dimensions;

c)       It has similar function as Shearing machine, but in different machine structure and working principle.

2)      Application:

a)       Strip Plate Flame Cutting machine has the longest history in the product family of CNC Strip Plate Cutting machine, before the advent of CNC;

b)      In H Beam production line and or BOX Beam production line, Strip Plate Cutting machine is applicable than CNC Strip Plate Cutting machine, because it only needs straight cutting without contour cutting (And CNC) under such situation;

c)       With mature of CNC technology, this Strip Flame Plate Cutting machine has two types of the most often adopted application:

       i.           Either combined with CNC, servo driving and CNC cutting torch, to be composed into CNC Strip Plate Flame Cutting machine

       ii.           Or still be used as a sole purpose Strip Plate Oxyacetylene Cutting machine;

      iii.           Sometimes, it is also equipped with one or more sets of triple cutting torch, to gain more options of usage.

2.     Standard Product and Variation:

1)      Standard product of Plate Strip Cutting machine has nine sets of strip cutting torch in the rail span of 4m machine (Total valid cutting width of such machine is 3.2m);

2)      Of which the distance among each of the strip torches can be adjusted by hand, based on required cutting width of the finished product;

3)      Quantity of the strip torches can be more or less from nine sets based on customer demand;

4)      Same as triple cutting machine, the Plate Strip Flame Cutting machine with rail span bigger than 4m should have double drive, which can only be put into reality with CNC and its servo drive;

5)      For 4m rail span and less Strip Plate Flame Cutting machine, its control system is simple: Only contactor and relay for controlling of the machine operation. 

3.     Structure and Composition:

1)      As one kind of flame plate cutting machine, the Strip Plate Cutting machine has the universal structure of traveling gantry along the rails;

2)      Its composition includes three main units of:

a)       Mechanical unit of machine body and rails, as well as cutting platform;

b)      Thermal cutting system of Central supply gas panel, meters (Please check attached picture), gas tubes, strip cutting torch (Different from CNC control single cutting torch);

c)       Control system and operating panels. 

4.     Technical Parameters:

For a set of Standard size and Configuration Strip Plate Cutting machine:

Rail Span

4000 mm

Min. to Max. Work   Piece Width

80 ~ 3200 mm

Railway Length

15000 mm

Max Work Piece Length

13000 mm

Drive for Gantry   Movement

Single Drive (For 5m and above rail span should be   double drive)

Quantity of   Strip Cutting Torches

9 sets

Min. to Max. Single   Cutting Thickness

6 ~ 150 mm (Special made for 200mm)

Min. to Max.   Cutting Speed

100 ~ 1000 mm/ min.


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