7-Axis 2000/9 Flame And Plasma High Efficiency CNC Pipe Cutting Machine
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7-Axis 2000/9 Flame And Plasma High Efficiency CNC Pipe Cutting Machine

Friction roller type; For medium sized pipe

The 7-Axis 2000/9 is kindred product of “7-Axis/12” and “/6” Plasma Oxy-fuel CNC Pipe Cut Machine, with effective pipe cutting length in between the 2 models.


Recently years in manufacturing industry there is trend on “machine replacing manual labor”, under the background of higher and higher labor cost, as well as request on quality control. (Machine delivers products with stable running and consistent performance, and is easy to be made into standard operation in terms of cycle time, hence advantageous for productivity improve also).


The Flame and Plasma High Efficiency CNC Pipe Cut Machine responses on this tendency perfectly. Besides removing manual job of “Lineation scribing on / Carrying on layout-out samples” mentioned in the model of “5-Axis 1400/12”, which increase production efficiency greatly, this CNC pipe cutting machine also has many features which contribute much to high efficiency of production process of pipe cutting and beveling.

High Efficiency of the machine:

  1. Save time on workpiece programming: The operating system of industrial computer of this Flame and Plasma High Efficiency CNC Pipe Cutting Machine is embedded with “Workpiece Sample Library”, which covers most majority of bevel/chamfer styles in practical use. With this function, customers do not need to spend time on making dedicated program for their demand. Just input sizes of the projected workpiece, and the corresponding program will be generated;

  2. This High Efficiency CNC Pipe Cut Machine has function of “Idle running”, which refers to every time after the workpiece program generated, and before actual cutting& beveling process, to valid correctness of the program, and check whether there exist any issues, the machine can drives cutting torch into running based on designated trace of the generated program, without cutting& beveling. This is something like “Failure Mode and Effects Analysis”, which can remove potential defect, and boost productivity and quality greatly.


Below is specification of 7-Axis 2000/9 Flame and Plasma High Efficiency CNC Pipe Cutting Machine: 


Technical   parameter

7 Axis CNC-CP 2000/9

Diameter Range of Pipe (mm)

400 ~ 2000

Max. Length of Pipe (mm)


Thickness of Pipe (mm)

6~100   mm for flame cutting

3 ~ 25mm for plasma cutting

Cutting Speed

200∼800mm/min. for flame cutting

Around 200~ 2000mm/min. for plasma cutting

(Based on thickness of Pipe and Plasma Power)

CNC Control Axis

7 Axis of X/Y/Z/A/B/V/W



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