Pipe Elbow Assembly Machine with Circumferential Seamless Tack Welding
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Pipe Elbow Assembly Machine with Circumferential Seamless Tack Welding


Following pipe flange assembly, is the step of pipe elbow assembly and tack welding. The machine adopted is Pipe Elbow Assembly machine, or Pipe Elbow Tack Welding machine.


1.     Equipment Purpose:

The pipe elbow fitting up machine is for fitting up pipe and elbow together and strengthen it by means of tack welding.


2.     Main Units:

1)      This pipe elbow assembly equipment has horizontal lying structure: Workpiece pipe is laid on 2 sets of moving travel carts as holding unit during work;

2)      From attached picture we can see, that this pipe elbow assembling equipment can be made into one machine together with the previous one of pipe flange assembly: One end of pipe fit and tack welded with flange, and the opposing end with elbow. Such kind of design makes compact structure and dimension of machines for pipe flange as well as pipe elbow assembly and tack welding operation;

3)      At the terminal of rails for pipe elbow fitting up is another set of moving work table for elbow. On the surface of the worktable is a pallet for holding the elbow. Opening size of the pallet should be considered on the largest bending width of elbow for tack welding on this pipe elbow tack welding equipment;

4)      There are several holes and slots in the pallet, which is for inserting locating pins and rods for positioning and securing the elbow in the process of tack welding.


3.     Working Steps:

1)      The precondition on work is workpiece pipe is already on this pipe elbow tack weld machine with the completion of pipe flange assembling and tack welding operation in the previous step;

2)      Put the elbow onto its pallet, and start on the traveling worktable toward pipe;

3)      Make adjustment on elbow position, making sure its alignment with pipe, and secure it with fixing pins;

4)      Carry out manual tack welding process;

5)      Due to the restriction from machine structure, same as pipe flange tack welding, the pipe elbow assembly and tack welding process in this pipe elbow tack weld equipment can only be made with both pipe and elbow in standstill condition.


4.     Parameters:

For this Pipe Elbow Assembling and Tack Welding machine:

Pipe   Max. Diameter

600   mm (Tailor-made available)

Pipe   Max. Length

10   m (Tailor-made available)

Pipe   Thickness Range

10   ~ 20 mm

Pipe   Elbow Tack Welding mode

Manual   CO2 Gas Shielded (Automatic available, need to redesign structure   of the Pipe Elbow Assembly machine)

Pipe   Elbow Tack Welding Max. Current

350   A


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