Universal Easy To Operate High Speed Automatic Pipe Beveling Machine
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Universal Easy To Operate High Speed Automatic Pipe Beveling Machine


Pipe Beveling machine is the first equipment used in Pipe Assembly and Welding.


1.     Product Usage:

1)      This Pipe Chamfering machine is for the purpose of pipe edge milling, making prepare for the next step of assembling and welding procedure;

2)      The pipes edge milled in this machine usually has relative short length (Length of the pipe is 2 ~ 3 times of pipe diameter);

3)      In principle, it is an equipment performing circumferential beveling on rim of pipe. It has similar pipe edge milling process as plate beveling machine, but in much more higher speed.


2.     Product Structure:

This pipe beveling machine has main units of:

1)      Circular milling cutter and its power head for circumferential edge milling;

2)      Stationary machine bed, for holding pipe edge milling unit, workpiece and its trolley;

3)      Workpiece trolley:

a)       This unit serves as supporting and fixture for workpiece in the process of pipe circular beveling;

b)      As can be checked from attached picture, there are a pair of moving brackets (Totally 4 pieces, left and right 2 pieces) for supporting and clamping workpiece during pipe circumferential chamfering;

c)       There are several transverse sliding slots in the surface of the trolley, which can be used for modulating position of the abovementioned brackets along both transverse (leftward and rightward sliding) and longitudinal (Different shifts of slots) directions, to accommodate different sizes (Including diameter and length) of workpiece;

d)      Besides brackets, chains should be used to fasten the workpiece in the process of pipe annular chamfering;

4)      A set of work lamp is installed just above the pipe edge milling area, for the convenience of observing annular edge milling process;

5)      Control board of this pipe beveling machine is fit at the lateral side of machine base.

3.     Product Operation:

1)      This pipe chamfering machine works in the manner of workpiece (Pipe) fixed and the circular milling cutter revolving in high speed;

2)      Linear revolving speed for pipe edge milling is adjustable controlled with inverter, which differs on varying thickness and diameter of workpiece;

3)      To start the pipe circular edge milling process,

a)       Load the workpiece onto its trolley;

b)      Adjust position of the holding brackets, until all the 4 pieces of the brackets lean against the workpiece closely;

c)       Then fasten the workpiece tightly with chains;

d)      Start on the pipe beveling machine, the circular milling cutter carries out pipe edge milling operation on the workpiece.


4.     Technical Parameters:

For this High Speed Automatic Pipe Beveling machine:

Pipe   Diameter Range

800   ~ 1200 mm

Max.   Pipe Length

3   m

Pipe   Thickness Range

10   ~ 30 mm

Pipe   Edge Milling Linear Velocity

800   ~ 2000 mm/s


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