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1.     The Usage and Origin of XBJ/ SXBJ/ FXBJ Series Wuxi JACK Edge Milling Machine, or Plate Beveling Machine:

1)       What is the Job of Plate Edge Milling Machine?

a)       Plate Edge Milling Machine, the same name is Plate Beveling Machine, is a kind of general purpose machining equipment, for making welding groove on metal plates and sheet metals of various materials: The most common seen is Carbon Steel, and sometimes is Stainless Steel, Brass, Al, etc.

b)      This product series of Plate Beveling Machine is for fulfilling beveling or chamfering on edges of metal plate, into the final shape of U/V/X or straight grooves, so that the follow up welding operation can be made on steel plate. Please check below photo on typical finished workpiece delivered from Plate Edge Milling Machine; 

Edge Milling Machine 2    Edge Milling Machine 3

2)       Applicable Workpiece Specification for Plate Edge Milling Machine:

a)       The applicable thickness range of steel plate to be beveled in Edge Milling Machine is 6~ 50mm, and with special milling head, the largest thickness can be up to 250mm;

b)      The length range of steel plate is from 3m to 18m for standard models of Plate Beveling Machine, and 20m to 23m for special made Plate Beveling Machine;

3)       How Does Plate Edge Milling Machine Comes into Being:

a)       The Plate Beveling Machine is developed under the background and ideology of “Plate Edge Milling Machine takes the position of Planar”;

b)      Compared with Planar Machine, the Sheet Metal Edge Milling Machine has many strong points which are very valuable for customers: High efficiency and less energy consumption, under the pretext of maintaining the original good point of Planar Machine: High quality and precision.

2.     The Application of Plate Beveling machine, or Plate Edge Milling Machine:

1)       Other Name of Edge Milling Machine:

Besides the most widely used names of “Edge Milling Machine” and “Plate Beveling Machine”, there are many same names with this equipment: Other common seen names for this product include, but not limited to: Plate Chamfering Machine, Edge Beveling Machine, End Milling Machine, etc., Which gives the intuitive hint on the main task of the Edge Milling Machine;

2)       Application Scope of Plate Edge Milling Machine:

Nealy all manufacturing industries, where ever metal plates are used as raw materials for production, have the demand on these Plate Beveling machines (Plate Edge Milling Machine) in use, including Vehicles, Bridge, Construction Machinery, Petrochemical, Pressure Vessel, Steel Structure, etc.;

3)       Application Style of Edge Milling Machine:

a)       These Plate Beveling machines (Plate Edge Milling Machine) can be used not only in the form of individual equipment, but also working together with other machines to be composed into various kinds of production line;

b)      For example, served as pre machining equipment preceding Welding Manipulator, and or Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine.

3.     Classification on XBJ/ SXBJ/ FXBJ Series Plate Beveling machine (Plate Edge Milling Machine):

There are many ways of dividing Edge Milling Machine.

1)       The first criteria is in the way of based on quantity of milling head in one set of Edge Milling Machine:

a)       Single Head Plate Edge Milling Machine --- This is XBJ series;

b)      Two Heads Plate Edge Milling Machine --- This is SXBJ series;

c)       Four Heads Plate Edge Milling Machine --- This is FXBJ series;

2)       The second criteria on dividing the Plate Edge Milling Machine is in the viewpoint of standard type and special made type:

a)       Standard type Plate Edge Milling Machine:

i.           This group of Plate Beveling Machine is equipped with one or two or four sets of 7.5kW milling head, with milling length in the range of 3~18m for standard gantry type, and up to 20m, 21m, 23m for splitting type. There are introduction on every one of this types of Edge Milling machine in the corresponding product section;

ii.           The corresponding detailed introduction and technical parameters please see introduction of each model of the Plate Beveling Machine;

b)      Special made Plate Edge Milling machine:

i.           On the basis of standard type Plate Beveling Machine, we can design and manufacture special made Plate Edge Milling machine for customer on specific needs;

ii.           For example, to meet market demand on heavy duty Edge Milling Machine, we took the lead in developing series of special purpose heavy duty Edge Milling Machine. Power of milling unit can be up to 11kW, 18.5kW or even 55kW. Two or four sets of milling heads is optional.

4.     The Powerful Function and Leading Edge of Wuxi JACK Edge Milling Machine:

1)       Design and manufacture on function units of Wuxi JACK Plate Chamfering Machine (Plate Edge Milling Machine), such as Integral Fender for small part, Movable Fender, Guard on top and bottom guideway, hydraulic oil cylinder acting Load and Unload of workpiece all take lead position in the industry, and some of them are unique capability of Wuxi JACK Plate Edge Milling Machine;

2)       Plate Beveling Machine (Plate Edge Milling Machine) is one of the top sale products of our company. Wuxi JACK are leading supplier of Edge Milling Machine in the market. Our product has superior advantage in terms of design, manufacture and service. Wuxi JACK have vast number of customers both in China and Overseas for this Edge Beveling Machine (Plate Edge Milling Machine), and have gained recognition and warm welcome from them over the past decades. If you are interested, please check our thematic webpage of Edge Milling Machine;

3)       Besides the standard and tailor made End Milling Machine (Plate Edge Milling Machine) introduced in this product section, we can also design and produce other special type Plate Beveling Machine (Plate Edge Milling Machine) based on customer demand. That is Wuxi JACK strength lies in.

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