5-Axis 1400/6 Flame And Plasma Automatic CNC Pipe Cutting Machine
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5-Axis 1400/6 Flame And Plasma Automatic CNC Pipe Cutting Machine

Friction roller type; For medium sized pipe

The 5-Axis 1400/6 is the shortest one of 5-Axis 1400 product group.


Compare on control system hardware & software of 5-Axis and 7-Axis Automatic CNC Pipe Cutting Equipment:

  1. CPU of industrial computer (CNC) of CNC Pipe Cutting Machine has modular structure, easy and convenient for expansion and update when necessary;

  2. CPU of 5-Axis CNC Pipe Cutting Equipment is same as that of 7-Axis. The difference is the 5-Axis utilizes 2 less motion control cards within CPU than that of 7-Axis;

  3. Software is also the same, and so is workpiece library embedded within the CNC. There exists slight variation in Human Machine Interface of the software between 5-Axis and 7-Axis, but same as hardware, the background program is compiled with structured language, which is available for future program upgrade without much effort.


In all, the 5-Axis Automatic Flame and Plasma CNC Pipe Cutting Machine is a practical solution for customers who need kerf and bevel on pipe edge for following welding and assembly, and can be renewed to more sophisticated level (6-Axis for 1400mm diameter, and 7-Axis for 2000mm diameter and above) with ease.


Below is specification of 5-Axis 1400/6 Flame and Plasma Automatic CNC Pipe Cutting Machine:



Technical   parameter

5 Axis CNC-CP 1400/6

Diameter Range of Pipe (mm)

300 ~ 1400

Max. Length of Pipe (mm)


Thickness of Pipe (mm)

6~100   mm for flame cutting

3 ~ 25mm for plasma cutting

Cutting Speed

200∼800mm/min. for flame cutting

Around 200~ 2000mm/min. for plasma cutting

(Based on thickness of Pipe and Plasma Power)

CNC Control Axis

5 Axis of X/Y/Z/A/B




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