HGK High Precision Special Made Adjustable Welding Rotator by Leadscrew
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HGK High Precision Special Made Adjustable Welding Rotator by Leadscrew


To start this section of high precision roller bed by leadscrew, please check below 2 pictures of its driving roller bed taken from different angles:

6-Edges  Motor Reducer


From the above two pictures we can find at first glance, that:

   1) There is only one set of motor reducer with driving roller bed of this kind of adjusting weld rotator by

      leadscrew, instead of two sets as in case of conventional type we introduced in the previous segment;

   2) Connection of the 2 roller carriages is with one piece of 6-edge rod (marked in red square frame in the above


   3) A handle bar (marked in yellow square frame in the above picture) is used replacing the handwheel for turning



From here let us explore specialties with this series of high quality turning roll:

   1) The 1st-stage Motor Reducer: The primary motor reduced equipped with this series of adjusting turning 

     roller by leadscrew is worm gear reducer, compared with the cycloidal gear reducer. It has better performance 

     of heat radiation;

   2) Transmission: So, it is the form of worm gear reducer driving another set of worm gear reducer, composing 2-

    stages of worm gear reducer;

   3) 6-Edge Rod:

     - Of this professional roller bed serves as connection between the 2 roller carriages, not only physical, but also 

       power transmission;

    - In this, it guarantees perfect synchronous running of the 2 driving rollers. Comparatively, design of 2 motor 

      reducers as in the case of standard product sometimes brings along slight deflection from in-phase of the 2

      rollers, and in turn causes issues some as skidding, etc.

    - Besides, Its cross-section shape of 6-edge makes the rod can either revolve (power transmission), or slide 

      (roller carriage movement). A simple design makes multi-functional job;

    - This critical piece of 6-edge rod is made of alloy-steel or stainless steel, which is durable in use;

   4) Handle bar: Of these high quality turning roller replaces handwheel in conventional type of product by 

     leadscrew, which features in larger torque of turning, making adjustment process more efficient;

   5) Movement of Roller Carriage: Or, control of center distance of the 2 rollers, in these stationary rolling bed, is 

     one carriage fixed, another movable. This is also different from standard adjusting rolling bed by leadscrew as 

    we introduced in the former section;

   6) Scope of Application:

     - In theoretical, all the tonnage of adjusting weld rotator by leadscrew can be made into this type of high 

      precision welding rotator;

     -  On the other hand, due to it strict requirement on rotation precision, this kind of design is more often seen in

      light duty turn roller, of workpiece diameter less than 1~1.5m.

   7) Specification: of this species of high precision welding rotator by leadscrew please check that of standard 

     elementary equipment.


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