HGK Professional Tailor Made Adjustable Welding Rotator by Leadscrew
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HGK Professional Tailor Made Adjustable Welding Rotator by Leadscrew


The HGK adjustable welding rotator with leadscrew introduced in this section falls within the species of tailor-made roller bed. Please check attached picture. It has special-made fixture in the form of trolley, to performing butt joining of 2 pipes with different diameter.

Sketch on design of this custom-made turning roll please check below:

Design 1

Sketch on joining of the 2 workpieces of different size please check below:

Design 2

We can see that, the equipment is traveling turning roll, this is precondition for implementing butt-join task by weld rotator.

Technical Description of the Adjusting Welding Rotator with Leadscrew of Tailor-made:

   1) The workpiece of larger diameter is put on the tailor-made rolling bed;

   2) The workpiece of smaller diameter is put on the trolley type fixture;

   3) There are 2 sets of bottom rollers, 2 pieces each set, totally 4 pieces of bottom rollers on the movable fixture,

       for holding workpiece of this custom-made turning roller;

   4) There is 1 set of top rollers, 2 pieces in it, on the movable fixture, for pressing the workpiece. As can be seen

      from attached picture, there is handwheel fit at top of the trolley fixture, to adjusting vertical movement of the

      pressing rollers, accommodating various diameter of smaller workpiece;

   5) These rollers are all made of steel;

   6) To have the 2 workpieces of different size joining together with perfect alignment of circle center, the

       worktable of trolley fixture, which is the mechanism installing the above-mentioned rollers, can be adjusted up

      and down, by means of manual reducers fit beneath it. Please check attached picture;

    7) To adapting smaller workpiece of varying length, the distance between the 2 sets of bottom rollers on the 

       trolley fixture can be changed forward and backward, please check attached picture;

    8) We can see although with compact size and light weight, this whole set of equipment is professional rolling

       bed in genuine sense, which can fulfil complicated task of butt-jointing large and small pipes;

    9) Same as anti-drift roller bed which we will make introduction in the product group of adjusting by bolt, this

      kind of adjustable welding rotator with leadscrew is tailor-made roller bed which can meet the specific demand

      of specific customers;

   10) Its loading capacity can also be designated by customer. The picture attached here is 2Ton.


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