HGZ-series Multi-functional Automatic Self Adjustable Welding Rotator for Pipe
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HGZ-series Multi-functional Automatic Self Adjustable Welding Rotator for Pipe


As introduced in segment of its product family, turning roll (equals to Rotator) is an universal equipment for Welding/Fabrication/Assembly/Testing of cylindrical workpiece, such as pipe/tube/vessel/tank/barrel, etc. In this respect, it is a multi-functional turning roll.


1. Product Brief:

1) Meanwhile, because welding takes the biggest share in its application, this equipment is often called automatic welding rotator;

2) Although it is a kind of equipment which has “simple” structure and appearance, there are many variations with it;

3) Currently in industry, the prevailing and recognized way of classification is on the basis of roller bed adjusting manner: Self adjustable welding rotator/ Adjustable by leadscrew/ Adjustable by bolt. Of which the self adjustable weld rotator is the first major categories we introduce.


4) As its name implies, this series of automatic turning roll has its roller span adjusted automatically by rollers swinging around its shaft when workpiece is put onto it. To have deeper explore on this process, first we should make clear, that with these multi-functional welding rotators, what is the purpose its roller span changed? Please check sketch of HGZ-series self adjustable turning roll as below:


2. Product Structure: 

From above sketch we can see,

    1) That for a set of multi-functional weld rotator, its roller span is the counterpart of workpiece diameter in

       machine parameters;

    2) This is the reason why we need to change span of rollers: To accommodating workpiece of various sizes put

       on it;

    3) Hence comes product species of self adjustable, adjustable by bolt/ leadscrew, with this full range of 

       automatic weld rotator.

The HGZ-series is the automatic welding rotator with the simplest operation of its kind: Just loading the workpiece onto its roller beds, the span or distance between the tiltable roller beds (We often call it “Plier-shape Rack”) will be changed to cater for this specific workpiece.


On the basis of this “plain” construction (the standard type self adjustable welding rotator), with some function added to it, there comes transformations with this series of product, for example travelable type, roller bed adjustable type, which we will have discussion in the subsequent sections.


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