HLK Anti-Drifting And Traveling Adjustable Welding Rotator by Bolt
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HLK Anti-Drifting And Traveling Adjustable Welding Rotator by Bolt


The HLK anti-drifting and traveling adjustable welding rotator introduced in this segment, is the complex of product family welding rotator, in view of:

   1) It is traveling welding rotator--- More degree of freedom;

   2) It is hydraulic welding rotator--- Higher power of action;

   3) It is anti-drifting and traveling welding rotator --- Making good quality of welding process.

With so many functions integrated into one machine, the equipment can fulfil series of complicated jobs in high quality, such as:

    1) Pipe/Tube butt joining;

    2) Constituting into welding center;

    3) Large diameter longitudinal and or circumferential seam submerged arc welding of internal and or external

       for Oil Tanks, etc.

Technical Features of Anti-Drifting and Travelable Welding Rotator

    1) To have workpiece manipulated in the process, idler roller bed of the equipment is elevating type;

    2) The individual detecting unit is movable, and put together with terminal of the workpiece all the while during


    3) Electric control system of this set of anti-drifting and travelable adjustable welding rotator has PLC as core 

       control unit and photoelectric sensor as negative feedback element, forming a closed-loop control circuit;

    4) During working, the photo-electric sensor gives drifting information feedback in the form of analog value 

       signal (workpiece revolving direction and stroke) to PLC;

    5) PLC makes analysis based on this information and compare it with the preset tolerance of the anti-drift and 

       travelable adjustable welding rotator;

    6) PLC sends out command to acting unit of the equipment---- Hydraulic cylinder, to lift up or lower down idler

       roller back in terms of elevating direction, stroke and velocity again;

    7) Workpiece revolving is adjusted accordingly following management of the idler roller bed;

    8) In this way, workpiece rotation is confined to the tolerable limit of preset value, guaranteeing welding quality

       and efficiency of this set of anti-drift and travelable welding rotator;

    9) One complement is terminal surface of the workpiece had better be machined ahead of time, to have the 

      detecting sensor get nimble detecting effect;

   10) Operation of the whole set of anti-drift and traveling adjustable welding rotator, including welding rotator

       itself, detecting unit and hydraulic system, are integrated with one operating pendant;

    11) Such kind of “high-end” anti-drift and traveling welding rotator is usually used at workpiece of thick 

      thickness which involves several passes of welding, such as Boiler.


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