HGK High Precision Adjustable Welding Rotator by Leadscrew
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HGK High Precision Adjustable Welding Rotator by Leadscrew


The HGK high precision adjustable welding rotator discussed here, refers to the product group of automatic adjustable turning roll by leadscrew.

Two benefits of automatic adjusting turning roll by leadscrew are:

   1) Center distance of rollers can be manipulated in continuous way(stepless). Which means all the diameters

       falling within the stipulated range can be operated with the equipment;

   2) Higher degree of precision in terms of position adjustment.

To maintain high standard of finished product output, series of measures are taken with this high quality adjustable welding rotator:

    1) Safeguard cover is put onto leadscrew, to protect it against infiltration of dust, fume, foreign particles and

       other pernicious specks. See below picture:

   Leadscrew Cover

    2) As key unit of the equipment, leadscrew is relative delicate. It is made of high quality steel, and machined


    3) The high quality adjusting welding rotator has chain of self-protection functions, including against over-

       voltage, against over-current, etc. Besides, the equipment has capability of malfunction storage and display,

       and air breaker short-circuit protection;

     4) Fabrication and assembly of this professional adjustable welding rotator by leadscrew conforms to grade-8

       precision requirement of national standard. All the welding structure members including its chassis and roller

      bed are made of quality steel, and stress relieved by way of annealing heat-treatment;

    5) These high-precision adjusting welding rotators are equipped with conductive unit, preventing welding 

       current from flowing thru bearings of the equipment;

    6) Rollers of these high precision welding rotator are made of best quality raw materials of polyurethane or 

       polybutadiene rubber;

    7) All the motion units of these professional adjusting welding rotator have consummate lubricating system;

    8) Electric control system of these high precision roller bed:

      -  Electricity power specification conforms to national standard of customer country;

      -  Electric system meets technological and safety requirement of Chinese national standard and IEEE;

      -  All the cables are cable-cored;

      -  All the control elements, including inverter, air breaker, contactors, relays are all purchased from renowned

        brand of high quality;

     9)From customer perspective, to set up a strict maintenance and service plan, and put it into implementation,

        for example, applying grease onto leadscrew regularly (Once a week), is very important for maintaining long

        term smooth running of these high precision adjustable welding rotator.


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