Single Table Top Special Made Servo Drive Welding Positioner
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Single Table Top Special Made Servo Drive Welding Positioner


The key word for this variety of special made servo welding positioner is “special made”, especially in respect of equipment mechanical system.


This class of special made welding positioner can be generalized as:

   1) Same as the previous product, it is also servo drive of highly precise extent. In this matter, it is “sibling

      product of the prior introduced one;

   2) On that basis, this special made servo drive welding positioner has more transformations in its mechanical/

      transmission system, to meet the demand of pinpoint use;

   3) So, this group of special made weld positioner is one equipment for one kind of specific workpiece only,

      contrary to the beginning product of “universal” type;

   4) It has same principle of internal control logicas the prior product: Servo, encoder, negative feedback, closed

      -loop control circuit, controller interface;

   5) It has more mutations in external forms including machine body and auxiliary units;

   6) The basic structure of equipment this special made weld positioner with chuck is still one working table, as 

      compared with L type, double table top, etc. which will be introduced in subsequent sections. So, it is single

      table top special made welding positioner;

    7) Customers on this special made servo weld positioner is generally from “niche” fields, such as Aviation, 

       Military project, Electric Appliance, etc.


Exampleson variations of these special made servo drive weld positioner:

   1) In a welding positioner made for a military project, a split type bracket is used, which is installed with sensor

      and detecting unit, and worked together with the weld positioner:

 1- Split type

   2) In a single table top special made weld positioner,a pair of dedicated design and produce fixtures are fit on

       surface of the work table, for unique kind of workpiece:

 2- Fixture

   3) In a special made welding positionerthe tilting rangeis confined to 0° ~90°, instead of 0° ~120°; And, its 

       machine bed is box type, instead of conventional seat type, which gives more sturdy:

 3- Machine body


Summing up, this special made welding positioner with chuck can be labelled as combination of “Sophisticated control” and “flexible machine frame”.


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